Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Benefits (and liabilities) or working at home

So as of a few weeks ago, my assigned work area, is my home.

There was a mixup with cubicle assignments, and since I'm officially still a contractor, they wouldnt assign me a new cube. The facilities manager said it was into the open bullpen, or nothing. My job involves talking in phone meetings 6-8 hours a day; an open high traffic common area, with no storage no privacy, and no sound isolation... yeah no.

I have a full dedicated home office, which is right at this moment still full of stuff from when we moved in six months ago (six months on Friday actually), but I've also got wireless networking and a decent phone system (using Vonage), so my office is my house.

There are a lot of ways it's absolutely fabulous. I can get up 10 minutes before my first morning meeting if I want to (typically 7am, sometimes as late as 9), there's no commute irritation, my hours are pretty much whatever I want them to be, I don't have to worry about what I wear because all my meetings are on the phone, and I'm not wasting money on gas or lunch.

Plus, the additional side benefit of being with my family all day, so my kids actually get to see me (though we try to keep distractions to a minimum). Then of course theres the fact that the wife and I have as much time together as we need... for, recreation shall we say... between the work.

Overall, it's really great.

There's only two real issues:

1. Communications with my team and co-workers could be better; though honestly being in the office makes it WORSE as it stands today not better.

2. Distractions. When I'm working, I am not supposed to be disturbed or distracted. Yeah right. I've got a cuddle-slut wife, and two little attention hog girls; like I'mna be left alone all day when I'm jsut in the other room.

Not that I'm objecting to the affection mind you, but it IS distracting sometimes.

And to think, I actually get paid for this.