Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 5 Elimination - That's jsut wrong

So my absolutely confident prediction was:
Bottom three? Lukas, Zayra, and Jill, no doubt in my mind; and I think the country is going to agree with me on this one.
But it as not to be; and I can't believe it. This was just wrong, Dana, Jill, and Patrice? Ok Patrice wasnt great but everybody loved her, what the hell? And Dana? Dana did a solid job. Lukas was HORRIBLE, and he even swore up and down he deserved bottom three, and I don't think Zayra has yet delivered a performance that DIDN'T need to be in the bottom three.

I have a theory that it's mostly teenage girls doing the voting (and the ratings agree with me), and I guess they are voting off the women they don't like, and keeping around the little emo boys they do like.

Ryan, unsurprisingly got the encore; and it really was deserved. I WAS a bit worried he wasn't going to be able to pull it off like he did last night, but if anything I think it was technically better; though it didnt have quite the same impact as seing it the first time.

The Eliminator:

Jill Gioia- Heart, "Alone": Going to her strength; the massive vocals of heart, go well with the massive voice from the mini woman. Keyed a bit too low for her voice, she wasn't able to quite get enough sweetness in the opening; but this soungs refrains and bridge are made for someone with this kind of power. I DO wish she'd brought the key up a bit, and maybe a bit more in the accompaniment to go with it. By the second refrain the full band came in, and I think she should have done the whole song that way. Jill is just plain a great singer, and the band gave her a standing O to show it, but at heart I dont think she's a front woman. She's had a successful carrer as a sidewoman, and she's not making the transition.

Dana Andrews - The Animals, "The House of the Rising Sun":Big mistake picking this song. I mean yeah we knew she would be sent home eventually but she didnt deserve it tonight. This song though, it didnt help her chances. Dana is GOOD, if a bit too country, but this song is Eric Burden at his nastiest, growliest, fuckinist, evilest, animal nature. Dana is most definitely not an animal. AND, she didnt even practice the song with the band? Ok yes I can see how she wouldn't have ever thought she'd be in the bottom three but how do you just blow it off like that. Then, the arrangement, uhhh no. no. no. I s'pose she did the song as well as she could do, but I dont think any of the women could have pulled it off except maybe Dilana. The band was plaing over her, her performance was non-existent... The BAND was more noticible on the stage than she was. No energy, no zap, no presence... I was watching the performance of a song I really love, and I just didn't give a damn. Was she bad? No, she was OK, but she wasn't a rock star.

Patrice Pike - Jeff Buckley, "Eternal Life": Oh man... Jeff Buckley. God Jeff was great, and died way too young. Another slection that takes guts to do, though questionable for this band I think. I didn't like the way she did it; but I think that's my prejudice against anyone but Jeff doing the song. She sang well, if I think a little flat, and without the dynamic range that the song needs. She perfromed reasonably well, got some good energy into it in the bridge. She's out of here soon, but not this week.

I'm shocked. Yes, of the three performances, Danas was definitely the worst; but she didnt deserve to be in the bottom three, and she definitely didn't deserve to go home. Yes, the band had a point she had a ways to go, but honestly of the three I would have eliminated Patrice first.

Now, back to my theory: the teeny girls are driving the voting based on who they want to sleep with. Let's look at the bottom three selections so far (eliminations highlighted by asterisks). It's no surprise that Matt, Chris, and Phil went out early, because quite frankly they were all horrible, but look at who was slected for the bottom three other than them:

Week 1
Matt - Duran Duran "Planet Earth" *
Chris - The Doors "L.A. Woman"
Phil - Switchfoot "Stars"

Week 2
Jill - Evanescence "Bring Me To Life"
Chris - Tonic "If You Could Only See" *
Zayra - The Kinks "You Really Got Me"

Week 3
Dana - Sass Jordan "High Road Easy"
Jenny - STP "Vaseline" *
Josh - Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box"

Week 4
Phil - Smoking Umbrellas "Failure" *
Zayra - Blondie "Call Me"
Patrice - Radiohead "My Iron Lung"

Week 5
Patrice - Jeff Buckley "Eternal Life"
Jill - Heart "Alone"
Dana - The Animals "House of the Rising Sun" *

Of the 15 bottom three selections, 9 of them have been women. Out of the 15 total original rockers, 7 were women and 8 men, so they arent disproportionately represented; nor were they dispoportionately eliminated by the band, with two of the women and three of the men now eliminated; but they were disproportionately chosen for the bottom three.

Now just looking at the performances, I will subjectively say that other than Zayra (who should have been in the bottom three every week), Jenny (who was eliminated) and one each of Jill and Danas performances (4 of the 15), all the other times the women ended up in the bottom (5 of the 15), one of the pretty boys deserved it far more. Jenny certainly deserved to go, but Phil was far worse than she was, especially in her elimination week; but the women on the message boards LOVED Phil (god knows why).

5 of 15 times women were chosen for the bottom three, they didn't really deserve it; and so far only twice has a woman been eliminated; once when all THREE of the choices were women.

Ok, anyway leaving aside my theory, who do I think is next to go?

Well, it would surprise me if Patrice, Zayra, Lukas, and Josh are around much longer; though again, the little chicklets seem to love both Lukas and Josh (again I say, god knows why). Patrices chances are pretty much entirely dependant on song selection, and Zayra will be around so long as she's entertaining and can jsut barely eke out a decent elimination performance.