Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rockster Supernova: Week 8 Eliminations - Turn of the Screw

Damn, Nirvana really is the kiss of death here; and Dilana really lets her bitch out which is fun.

So yesterday I said:
"So far Lukas, Toby, Storm, and Dilana have managed to stay out of the bottom three, but obviously that can't be the case tonight. Based solely on performance, Patrice is a lock for the bottom three, and I'm almost certain she's the one eliminated this week... As to the other though... I just don't know. I thought Lukas was mediocre here, but not too bad, and the chicklets like him. Tobys singing wasn't great, and the arrangement was weird, but his performance was really cool...

If I have to be nailed down, I'd say Patrice, Toby, and Lukas (and the first two are bottom three before the close of the show). Tough one really, but I AM sure that Patrice will be eliminated this week."
Patrice, Storm, and Toby were Bottom three by the end of the show, then Magni get in in the overnight? WTF?

Well now, Patrice and Toby I can see, but.. but... well read the eliminations.

For some reason no encore here, instead they did a "press box" segment, which was... interesting. Again, Dilana gets her bitch on. I don't think that's a bad thing, she's just being competitive, and real. The audience doesn't much care for it though.

The Review

Toby Rand - Supernova, "Be Yourself (and five other cliches)": I kinda like Toby here. His performance is cool, and the vocals match the tone of the song really well... though I think a little darker and lower might be better. Cool tune actually, but again it's a little post alternative. This is the first time I think the talk singing has really worked for anyone in this competition. It's got a nice punk edge here. I dunno, I think Toby is doing a good job, but I feel like I could be listening to The Killers or Franz Ferdinand, or Modest Mouse, or... anybody but three former members of Metallica, Guns'n'Roses and Motley Crue. Of course maybe that's what they were going for.

The Eliminations

Magni Asgiersson - Jimi Hendrix, "Fire": Anybody thing he should actually be here? Kick ass song choice, takes some BALLS to cover Hendrix, especially with a guitar, though he's probably jsut going to toss it (note, he didnt). Great energy, cool vocals, good performance great way to play the crowd. Great fun. Again, he shouldn't be here. Oh and he DOESN'T let the guitar glue him in place. Kicked ass all thw aay around.

Patrice Pike - The Pretenders, "Middle of the Road": Gee, I'm so shocked, really I am. Alright, I'm sure she knows she's gone here. She picks a song that very well suited for her voice; in fact Chrissy Hyndes singing style works well for her in general. The fact is though, she's gone, she knows it, everyone knows it. So she rocks it up a bit in the arrangement. A little more chunge. The fact is her voice jsut disappears behind the band. Not a bad performance as it goes, decent energy, but maybe a little stiff at first, as usual. Also she's flat a lot here, and theres very little expression, or range. In Mels words "She's never making these songs her own, it's always just a bad cover with her"... yeah pretty much. Of course going against who she's up against, she had no shot anyway.

Toby Rand - Stone Temple Pilots, "Plush": Great tune, much like the other STP performances so far I think it's pitched too low for his voice, but that with the right arrangment he can rock it. So he decides rather than try to re-arrange the song higher, he's gonna take his vocals down to it. Good choice, and though he doesnt quite pull it off, his performance is great. Lots of fun and energy, and he clearly loves the tune.

And Patrice of course, is eliminated. There really was no other choice here.

Much like last week, Magni didn't belong here and everyone knows it; and Patrice has been over her head for weeks. What I'm amazed about though is how Lukas hasn't been in the bottom three yet.

Look he's the worst of who's left by far... the only thing I can think is the little teenie girls are texting for him 10,000 times each because he's soooooo "sensitive". I mean jesus he was almsost crying into his smeared emerald and teal glitter eyeshadow up on stage tonight with Dilana raggin on him.

So there three weeks left, which means two more elimination shows before the final three show, which means either next week, or the week after, they are going to do a double elimination show.

The way I see this, I can't think of anyone in the final three except Magni, Dilana, and Storm.

Ryan has rehabilitated himself in my eyes, but he never had any chance of winning this one.

Lukas... well you all know what I think about Lukas.

Toby is pretty damn good, but he's jsut not as good as Magni, Dilana, or Storm.

All three of the above are experienced pros, all three of them could do the job. Seriously, I think Dilana and Storm both REALLY kick ass, but Magni is just plain better.