Monday, August 07, 2006

A Half Million

Well, early this morning, just under 18 months after starting this blog, I hit 500,000 unique hits.

Of course only 353,000 were from the blog directly, the other 147,000 were form my previous main website, which I rolled into this ID when I started the blog; but it's an accurate picture of the folks who've read my stuff.

That's accompanied by about 600,000 page views, with an average site visit time of 1 minute, an 53 seconds (which is measured by the time between the page load, and the next click or outclick, so it's not very accurate), and an average number of pages per visit of 1.4. That means that most of my readers are hitting me once a day, through the main page; and that most of the rest are finding a post page through a search.

Of course that DOESN'T include the RSS numbers either, which I think is about 30% of my non search engine traffic.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with my traffic, and readership level; and I hope y'all keep enjoying what I'm writing.