Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day

So today was our oldest daughters first day at pre-kindergarten (which they make distinct from pre-school because of course the Pre-K are BIG girls now, not little girls), and she had a blast.

The first week of Pre-K (and pre-school) it's noon dismissal (but next week it goes to all day), and they had a little pizza party for all the new kids, and new families after pickup.

Anyway, she loved it so much, she was dragging her feet when it was time to leave.

Our parish has a great school attached to it, and they have a two year preschool program. Sure, it's expensive (grand total about $4650 a year for a ten month year, including all fees and obligations - $3800 for just tuition) but it's very much worth it; and cheaper than day care if we wanted to do that; which we don't, but once both of them are in school Mel can finish her degree a lot easier, or take a part time job which she may want to do, maybe not.

Unfortunately our younger girl is 10 days too young to go this year, but she REAAAAAAALLLLY wants to go like her big sister. Actually we wish she could go to. Not that we want to get them out of the house, but Shaila could use the social interaction, and the jumpstart on learning. With her sister out of the house 7 hours a day, it's going to be lonely for her; and she's never really been without her sister for more than a few hours before.

I never thought it was fair that kids who wanted to go to school and who were emotionally and intellectually ready to go t school; had to wait a whole year, because their birthday was a few weeks late. Just another one of those magic numbers in our society that I dislike so much.

Anyway, they both love the school and they love learning. Now if only that enthusiasm would last through high school...