Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - She Wants Revenge

Which is a WAY better band than the music they're playing here by the way. This week the rockers are all doing songs that were featured earlier; as picked by the fans of the show. This should show some range and variety for the remaining contestants, or it could completley kill them.

On the home front, Dilana just had a total meltdown after her bitchfest last week; let's see how she deals with it this week.

Oh, and of course the Nirvana of death returns this week; and Lukas does it, most likely sealing his fate.

The Reviews:

Lukas Rossi - Nirvana "Lithium": Is it just me, or is Lukas a deadman here? Interesting piano based arrangement to start off, bare and spare. He's lounging it up a bit, but it doesnt sound too bad. Good scream into the refrain, maybe a bit too much drama, but I think he knows he's in trouble if he doesnt kill it. The vibrato monster is in full force here (as is usual with Lukas), and he's hamming it up way too much. A little too much Jagger and Iggy Pop; though to his credit I saw the comparison immediately. Overall, great performance if a bit too over the top, but the vocals were a little weak. I can't say he's safe from the bottom three, because well, there's only six of them, but he didnt suck.

Magni Asgiersson - Live, "I Alone": Magni plays to HIS strengths, doing another Live tune. He pulls the cover straight up, and that works fine for me. Maybe a bit breathy, but he crushes it into the refrain so it works. I want to see more animation and energy in his performance though. I want to see him headbanging the refrain here or something. Good move going into the audience though and GREAT scream. Good intensity I just want to see some INSANITY from him. Vocals, damn near perfect, but a little less for the performance; though I love his attitude.

Ryan Star - Coldplay, "Clocks": Oooh, a little flat and crackly in the falsetto. I think he CAN do it, but he's maybe not warmed up enough. Great exclamation though. Love the jump on the top of the piano; there's the insanity that was missing from Magni's performance. I think he CAN do this song right, but his vocals are jsut a BIT off. Not a huge amount, but it's noticable. He's a little tiny bit out of time, and a little tiny bit out of key. GREAT performance, I just wish his vocal hadn't suffered for it. That said, he showed he really can be rockstar here.

Storm Large - Evanescence, "Bring Me To Life": Another tough tough song. Storm isn't Amy lee, but she's got some pipes, let's see how she does it. She;s also following Jill and Zayra, who are both worse than Storm, but who both have more vocal range. She starts it off a little lower than I'd like; but Toby matches her voice well, and she blows into the refrain pretty well. I'd like to hear a little more confidence and projection here. She's doing pretty well, but she's not dominating it. Her vocal QUALITY is excellent here, it jsut doesnt have the headroom or dynamic expression she's capable of (never mind what Amy lee can do). She finishes it off really well, and overall the performance was pretty good. Tough song, good job, but I'm betting she ends up in the bottom three.

Toby Rand - Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell": Toby continues his punk party with the classic idol tune. I like Toby actually, especially these last few weeks. He's having great fun, with great energy, and intensity. I don't think he's right for Supernova, but he is a very good singer, and a great rock star. Toby decides to do a much truer cover than lukas did, and he hits the low growl reasonably well; though I wish he had more projection. The transition into the refrain is great, and his energy is excellent, but again he's missing some projection. Also he needs to be running around a bit more. Pulling the chicks on stage though, frikkin brilliant, and that finish was awesome. Just perfect, and THERE'S the projection. AWESOME performance, and probably the encore.

Dilana Robichaux - Tracy Bonham, "Mother Mother": The eerie vocal changes, and transitions into the scream this could be great for her voice; but I think after last week she'll be in the bottom three no matter how good she is. Gutsy choice to play the guitar here, and her voice sounds great. Awesome transition into the scream, and HUGE range transitions. Bad move putting the guitar down gently, but overall a good performance. She does seem a bit nervous maybe, a bit stiff, but she's rocking it. AWESOME finish. Really really great performance, perfect vocals, but I still think she's going into the bottom three.

Okay, Lukas was definitely the weak sister here; but he wasn't bad, and everybody else was pretty good. I'm having trouble handicapping here, but I'm guessing Lukas, Storm and Dilana. I think Dilana doesnt deserve it, and Ryan should be there not her, but I'm guessing the carryover hate from last week will put her there.

As to eliminitation, well the only ones left who arent real contenders are Ryan, Toby, and Lukas. This isn't to say that Ryan and Toby aren't great, they are; but they arent Supernova. I'm guessing Lukas goes this week.