Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 6 Elimination - Double Shot

Two Encores... hmmm...

Well there's no question that Lukas' performance yesterday was his best yet, and if he can repeat it, or even better it, he may still have a shot at this. I think he did a vocally better job, but the intensity, energy, and impact werent as good as yesterday at first... then he pulls that bridge. Yeah, that was pretty good man. I was impressed. Yup, his best performance ever; it was flat out damn good.

Magni... Every time I see him on stage, I get more sure he's winning this. He's better than everybody else (not as much energy as Storm, nor as much soul as Dilana, but better all around). It sounds almost bad, but I dont think we've seen everything from him yet. Not quite that he's holding back, but that he could balls it up even more if anyone was seriously challenging him. An electric version of "Dolphins Cry", completely different than he'd practiced for, and he's got it cold man. though maybe a bit much of the scream (to compensate for the changeup). He's a total pro, he isn't phased by anything they throw at him. Real simple, I'd pay to see this guy leading a band.

Now as to my prediction yesterday:
"Seriously, there is no obvious bottom three here. Patrice, Zayra, and Ryan were all kinda mediocre to my mind, but not horrible by any means, even Zayra; and the band LIKED Patrice and Ryan. Jill wasn't very good, but she wasn't very bad either... Okay, I'm just not sure here. I'm reasonably certain that Patrice and Zayra are on the block, but the third could be almsot anybody. Maybe Ryan, maybe Jill, maybe not..."
Well, it turned out I was right about Ryan and Jill, and the rest of my picks were all on the block at some point, but it turned out to be Josh, who although he wasn't great, I didnt think deserved it in comparison to Patrice and Zayra.

The Elimination:

Jill Gioia- Aretha Franklin, "Respect": Jills attitude has jsut been wrong from the beginning. She just isnt a band leader; she's an accompanying singer, or a featured soloist, but she jsut can't take this pressure, nor is she good in front of the band. Oh and the Christina Spears things just sucks. I don't think the arrangement works, and she's keying the song up too high. She's missing the soul here, and the power that she's capable of. Honeslty, I didnt have to watch her sing this, and with this song thats saying something very bad; because "Respect" should COMMAND attention. She's a GREAT singer, but she isn't a star at all, never mind a rock star. Her singing was good enough to keep her alive, but honestly, I dont think she belongs here anymore.

Josh Logan - Bad Company, "Shooting Star": Frikken awesome song, and if he can pull it off, he's on another planet here. Seems that he's back to Justin Timberlake mode here, not Paul Rodgers, but I want to see him ROCK THIS. I think he can do it, if he wants it bad enough. Ok too much reverb, and way too much vibrato. The headbob is irritating me. Decent guitar actually. He's nervous, and maybe sad, and he's trying to cover it. He thinks he's gone today; and it's effecting his performance. Finally in the last verse he gets into it, but still the head bob. He's in his groove and his voice is finally coming out; and the last refrain and the outro were good... I think he's gone though. I think he was swansonging there.

Ryan Star - Depeche Mode, "Enjoy the Silence": Good song, good selection for his voice, maybe a bit off for Supernova, but you have to go with your strengths. Good arrangement, and perfect pitching for his voice. Great opening, and great way to kick it up from the original. Not sure I live the singing under his breath for the main verse, but I like the refrains. Honestly, I'd say this is the first time I've really seen him be a rock star. The piano was great, but this is showing he can really lead the band on stage, and CRUSH it. The best performance of the three. Amazing intensity, he WANTS this. The emotion and energy and passion are incredible.

Man... Of the three I think Jill needs to go home first, but Joshes performance was clearly worse.

Ummm wow... both of them. Two encores, two eliminations...

As to the future for these guys, Josh had a great perspective on this. I love his attitude, and I think this kid has a great future on the indie/emo scene. Jill has a great career already, and I don't think it's going to hurt her here.

I must say, the more I see Jason, the more impressed I am; and I'm surprised at Tommys... I dunno his behavior is a bit much, but under it all, he's a real pro.

Next week... Wow. I'm guessing Zayra and Patrice are bottoming out; but as to the third, I won't even hazard a guess.