Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 7 elimination - First Time, Last Time

This was a total WTF night man. Toby gets the encore, Magni in the bottom three, and Ryan gets the encore?

I did kinda like that they've introduced the original song per week thing. Also, I thought Ryans encore was better than his performance yesterday. He just sounded better, and it "felt" better; more relaxed, more natural, but not missing intesity (I think yesterday WAS more intense, but it was a higher pressure situation as well).

The bottom dwellers included Zayra, Patrice, Toby, Magni, and Storm? I mean seriously? What the hell? The band are just as confused as I am. I mean the only one who I really think belonged there was Patrice. Zayra is flat out a better singer than Patrice, though they both need to go.

The Review:

Dilana Robicheaux - Supernova, "Leave the Lights On": Original tune, pretty damn cool; nice hard rock. Dilana has a good voice for this one, though honestly I'd rather have heard Storm or Magni do it, but Dilana is just as good a choice, and the band made the point of proving that a woman COULD win this thing. Love the wardrobe by the way, though that hair... I dunno. Too Wendy O. Williams for me. The song itself, is straightahead rock, and Dilana delivers it straight up. Classic arena. Maybe a little more energy in the performance but it was pretty good. Dilana sang it really well, though it wasnt a challenging tune. Oh and I personally thought this was the first time Dilana looked sexier than she did creepy.

The Elimination:

Zayra Alvarez - Blue October, "Razorblade": Well, the audience hatred finally did her in. She delivers a good performance, but she ended up in the bottom three anyway. I've never heard of this band, so I have no real preconceptions here; but in this situation, I don't see how she's going to avoid elimination considering her history. I loved her fashion choice here actually. Much more class, but still very sexy and interesting. Her english diction issue is very clear here, and I don't like the talk singing. It really shows her weaknesses rather than playing to her strengths. She was more than a little flat here, though her energy was great, and her performance was definitely good. It was jsut the wrong song choice. Incredible intensity and energy here though. Really a great performance if she could jsut sing the song properly. She's defnitely singing for her life here, but ths song choice isn't helping her. I loved the ending too. Bottom line, I think she's gone here, and she would be even with a spectacular performance.

Patrice Pike - Hole, "Celebrity Skin": And the self destruction of Patrice continues. Why in the hell did she pick the song that engendered so much hatred before? She's off key, and a little off energy. I'm looking at her, and jsut from the look on her face, I think SHE thinks she's gone and she's just having fun with it. Good performance, way to work the crowd. Really really flat though. No dynamics here, jsut talk singing and I don't like it. It's too bad because I've never seen her this comfortable on stage before. She's all over the place and having fun and going for it. Finally in the last reprise she nails it, and she's really really THERE. Almost saying "Fuck it, if this is it, I'm gonna fucking enjoy it". Honestly I thought Zayra was better until that last 30 seconds, and lord knows I hate Zayra, but I don't think Patrice can handle this either...

Magni Asgiersson - Radiohead, "Creep": There is really no reason for him to be here. No yesterday wasn't his best performance, but he wasnt even close to the bottom three, and everybody knows it. He's pissed to be here, but he knows he's got this nailed. He's jsut playing around, starting slow, and building the energy bit by bit. Bringing it up hard in the bridge, and showing his stuff. Playing the crowd, playing the stage, and then back down. Maybe a little breathier would be better here, but it's not his style. What the hell am I doin here I don't belong here indeed. GREAT performance, but I would have liked jsut a bit more energy and intensity, and a bit less irony there.

Flat out, Patrice was the worst up until the end of her performance, and both Patrice and Zayra need to go; but I'm sure it's Zayra.

And it is. Tommy had it half right, Zayra had no chance at ever being the winner here; though I think really neither does Patrice. I loved Zayras attitude on her elimination, the chick has balls, and she is really a good soinger on material that suits her. I'm sure her solo career is going to still be great in Spanish.

Next Week, Patrice. I just don't think she can take the pressure.

7 little indians, all in a row, and every single week, another has to go.