Tuesday, August 15, 2006

FiOS? Where are you?

Anyone readers from arizona have a verizon home phone? I can't seem to get an answer from Verizon whether my address has FiOS available or not.

For those of you unaware, FiOS is Verizons fiber to the home high speed networking and digital telephone/television network. The important part here, is that it offers speeds of up to 30Mbit/sec, which is just superpeachykeen.

I'm currently on a cox line, and I get 5Mb down, and 512Kb up; but it aint cheap, and their service isn't always the best; plus that 5/512 speed is a theoretical ideal, when theres no traffic in my neighorhood etc...

I'd get business DSL, but it's even MORE expensive, and even slower (business grade to get a minimum qos and higher speeds); even though I'm only a few thousand feet from my CSO head end; PLUS I'd have to deal with qwest, who sucks (even if I used verizon for my ISP, qwest would be the wire provider).

So understandably, I'm VERY interested in FiOS. Now, web sites are reporting that some customers in Scottsdale have had their speed tests done (they check the neighborhood nodes to see if you can be installed and what grade of service they can offer you) but I can't get confirmation of that, or whether I can pre-order FiOS or not.

So any area Verizon customers, try entering your phone number here and see if you can get FiOS, and let me know OK?