Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 9 Eliminations - Still Hangin On

So, my thoughts on yesterday proved relatively accurate here, but for the little teeniegirls:
"Okay, Lukas was definitely the weak sister here; but he wasn't bad, and everybody else was pretty good. I'm having trouble handicapping here, but I'm guessing Lukas, Storm and Dilana. I think Dilana doesnt deserve it, and Ryan should be there not her, but I'm guessing the carryover hate from last week will
put her there."
Well, eveyrone spent some time in the bottom except Magni, which is really no surprise, after all there ARE only six of them left; and of course this indicates that Magni got the most votes by far.

Soooo, it turns out to be Ryan, Storm, and Dilana; and as I said, Ryan deserved to be there, INSTEAD of Dilana, and with Lukas; but the little teeniegirls are keeping Lukas out of the bottom.

I have no idea how Lukas manages to stay alive, except as I keep pointing out the mini-baby girls.

The Reviews:

Lukas Rossi - Supernova, "It's On": Why in the hell are they chosing Lukas to do this song? Anyway... Actually I kind of like how he opens it up, but going into the refrain he chokes off again.. s'okay though, he opens it up for the refrain, and it actually sounds pretty good. Actually this is the best I've heard Lukas so far. This is actually the first time I could thing "Ok, this guy could really be the front man for a band". Of course that band isn't supernova, but it he's certainly got a career after this. Really, this is very good. It's Lukases best performance so far, and his stage presence was great. You could hear his voice going in spots though, from where he chokes it off.

Toby Rand - Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell": Toby gets the encore, to no-ones surprise. Not as intense a start, but I lvoe the wardrobem and he was projecting much better tonight. This guy is going to be a great bandmate no matter where he eneds up. He's got great energy, and he's jsut fun and cool. Maybe a bit too much running all over the theater but he really got the crowd into it, which is great; and it didnt hurt his vocals at all, which is a big deal. If anything it amped his energy up. Tough to top last night, but this was pretty damned great.

The Elimination:

Ryan Star - The Who, "Baba O'Reilly": Tough choice, though he has the dynamic range for it. He's really a great singer and performer, but not for Supernova... Only it's awful. He's choke screaming the whole song, with no range, no sweetness, no airiness, nothing. He screwed up the words a bit, and climbing up on the amp stack like that? It was awful. I though maybe he was high or something. Maybe he jsut knows he's dead and feels like screaming, or maybe he thinks he needs to be "harder" or "edgier" to compete with Toby and the like. I dunno, but whatever it is, it isn't working. He's gone.

Storm Large - The Beatles, "Helter Skelter": Awesome choice, and she does this song in her sets with her band so she should rock it. The opening is a bit rocky, but she picks it up into the refrain and her performance is kickin. Her power is there, but she seems a little tight in her vocal, like maybe her voice isn't quite there. Not quite a stage dive, but she jumps into the crowd. GREAT energy, and great scream. She's rocking it like she would at one of her punk shows, which is probably not the best idea for Supernova, but it does show how much she kicks ass.

Dilana Robichaux - The Talking Heads, "Psycho Killer": As I said, the residual hatred from the week before has put Dilana in the bottom three. Interesting choice of tune. I like the talking heads; and Dilana has such a creepy tone. Cool acapella intro, and an interesting rocked up arrangement of it; taking David Byrnes deadpan and turning it into her own chant/talk/sing. I love the little yodel screams, and the singing to the crowd. Great psychotic look on her face. I just don't think the werid song and arrangement choiuce are endearing her to the band.

Let's face it, against Dilana and Storm, Ryan had no shot; but I think he's going to get a solid solo contract out of this deal.

Now, will we FINALLY get rid of Lukas next week? I mean seriously, it NEEDS to be Lukas Theres two shows left, 5 contestants, and Dilana, Magni, and Storm are so much better than Toby and Lukas (though like I said, I really dig Toby) that they have to know they're the lambs for the slaughter.

Honestly, I'm still mostly sure that Magni is going to win this, but I wouldnt be shocked if Dilana did instead.