Saturday, August 12, 2006

Posts I'm working on and need to finish

Sorry for the relative lack of conent (especially gun content) around here lately; there's been a combination of business, busy-ness, and general life crap, conspiring to create a lack of inspiration.

Anyway, heres a partial list of the posts I'm working on and need to complete

Camera Envy post
New Computer Options post
Speaker Building post
The resurection of Max
"Toys" I wan't to buy
Four new "recipes for real men"
A couple new"Recipes for real women"

I don't have any new gun content in me at the moment; though that could change at any moment. I have a six month backlog of Guns and Ammo, Shooting Times, Handguns, and a couple other guns magazines to get through, and somehow I think some of those will prompt something.