Friday, September 16, 2005

Kim is down


As y'all probably know, I'm the forum administrator for the Nation of Riflemen forums over at

Late last night the site was taken down, and the message now appears "this site has been closed permanently".

I have communicated briefly with Connie Du Toit, and there is a business issue requiring Kim and Connie to take the site down right now, and without any notice. They can't provide details yet but expect some information in a few days.

No need to worry about Kim and Connie physically, they are all right. As to the nation of riflemen, if we can't get it back up as it was shortly for whatever reason; I'll continue it at another site.

The nation of riflemen is an ideal, not an organization. The ideal that the right to defend ones self, ones love ones, and ones country; is absolute. It cannot be limited, it cannot be taken away, and it must be defended. The nation of riflemen is about preparing to defend that right, and by extension all of our rights; because if we won't who will.

I'll keep everyone updated as I can.