Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rockstar INXS - Doubleshot

Well, overall an unimpressive night. Nobody really put in a great performance, nobody was horrible (well... maybe J.D. on Money). Oh and Dave sat in with the band for some of the sets and as always, he kicked ass. He really is a great guitarist, his weird choices notwithstanding.

Two songs from everyone tonight as well:

- Stone Temple Pilots, "Interstate Love Song" AND Four Non-Blondes "What's up": Not her best here. I love " song" and she just really doenst have the guts for this tune. She's not dirty enough if you know what I mean. No heroin, no living in her car... Well, she's not Scott Weiland (or else she'd be fronting Audioslave). That said, it was decent, and reasonably well sung. She did mess the lyrics up a bit, and she was jumping around so much that her tone was inconsistent. Plus it's not a country song...

Now, as to "Whats Up"... Well it's a fun song , but kind of irritating. I think her voice is cool for it, and it's certainly a different take. I think she did a good job with it, but I just don't think it was a good choice. She DID show some major vocal power there, but...

Well she's pretty obviously bottom three here, since there's only four of them left, and she certainly wasn't the best.

Mig - Rolling Stone "Paint it Black" AND Seal "Kiss from a Rose" : Ahhhh no. Not even close. Okay so I'mna be hard to please on this one; "Paint it Black" and "Sympathy for the Devil" are tied for my favorite stones song, but still... This isn't the west end man, it's fucking ROCK AND ROLL. Are you going to convince the mike to let you touch it in the bad places? because that's the only reason I can think of singing like that. Micheal Bolton meets Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Let me jsut say, this was definitely the night for the vibrato monster for everyone. If you've ever taken any formal vocal training you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise it jsut sounds bitchy.

Doing Seal? no I don't think so. I guess it was a not to trying to connect with the ladies or summat. I love the song but no. I've heard a bunch of cover attempts at this song and everyones fucked it up, including him. I'll give him credit, it is the best cover I've heard, but it still isn't right. The break down at the end, that FINALLY sounded like there was some soul and passion there... and then he lost it.

Yes both were competently sung, but wheres the soul, the emotion, the rawness, the sex, the tears... It's just broadway to you baby. Fuck man, the guy can sing, he's got a 4+ octave range, and he CAN have a ton of charisma, what the hell is he doing up there on stage. He started off so well, and the last few weeks it's like he thinks he's back up on the theater stage.

If there is any justice in this world, Mig will be eliminated tomorrow. Of course there isn't so he won't be, but he should be.

J.D. - Original, "Pretty Vegas" AND Pink Floyd, "Money": So we heard "Pretty Vegas: for the thrid time today... with a glittered up megaphone"... and it was pretty darned good. Definitely the best of three performances we've seen, with more balls, more gravel, more shout.. Just plain more Rock and Roll. He hams it up too much on stage, but he does connect well with the audience. Oh and a great little solo at the end from Dave, and watch the bands reaction. Priceless.

Unfortunately, he killed it with "Money". Again, one of my favorite songs, and an iconic rock song. First thing, way too fast. Second, WAAAY too much sneer and swagger, and even MORE vibrato than we usually see from J.D. He kind of had the first verse, but lost it in the second. Tossing the sack of "money" out in the bridge was an interesting gimmick. He gets the transitions right, which is difficult, then drops the elvis back in and it's just not right. Oh and what's with the Gwen Steffani hop thing he does all the time?

Definitely bottom three, and I think probably an elimination tomorrow. I'd rather it be Mig, but I'm guessing it will be J.D.

Marty - Original "Trees" AND Radiohead, "Creep": Okay Creep was damn good. It's a great song, that I love, it's perfect for Marties voice (both soft AND screamy)... just great here.. but for the visit from the vibrato monster. Is J.D. Infecting everyone tonight? Yeah that's definitely the best song of the night.

Trees is definitely better as done this time. Less poppy but still infectious. Digging it greatly, but again the vibrato monster rears it's ugly snout (though not nearly so bad). I'm definitely digging the double acoustic thing with Navarro, and he's pretty obviously digging it too. Love the bands reaction.. great stuff.

I wonder which song he'll encore tomorrow?

So, what's my conclusion here?

Mig sucked all the way around, and he'll certainly be in the bottom three, because Marty was clearly the best and won't be. Unfortunately I still don't think they'll eliminate him. The thing is, I KNOW he can be better than he is (much as Jordis), but as the competition gets tighter he's going with what he knows, the theater, and it's jsut not working.

Suzie was O.K. but not great. She's clearly the least right for INXS, but I don't think they'll want to get rid of her just yet.

J.D. Was pretty good with "pretty vegas". In fact I think we'll see the song released and charting some time soon. He wasn't horrible with money, and I think the audience will like it.

Although I don't think J.D. is the worst at this point, I think tomorrow is his final night. It's jsut a gut feeling, and maybe a suspicion on my part of the producers wanting a more balanced (demographically) field.

That said, if the game IS honest, and they are choosing to elimnate the person least right for INXS, I have to say that's Suzie.

Marty was defniitely the best tonight, knocking both songs out in excellent fashion. I think he did a great version of Creep, and everybody likes trees.

If we were to jsut base everything on who I think is best for INXS, I think the final would come down to Marty and J.D.. J.D. may be an asshole and a ham, but theres a lot to work with there, and I do think he's a good rock front man. Mig has tons of talent, but he just belongs in theater. Marty is great, but I can't see him fronting INXS. I CAN see him being a breakout college and alternative rock success with his OWN band.

So yeah, much as I have been iffy on J.D., I think he's the best choice for INXS.

UPDATE: CT and I are thinking along similar lines though I'm a bit more critical than he is, plus although I don't think J.D.s money was great, it didnt make me want to puke.