Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Rockstar INXS - Martys not gay, he's EMO

The quote above is from a readers email. I disagree; Marty isn't pathetic or lame enough to be emo; hell, they all got tats... ( except Mig... and J.D. got his own thing rather than the group tat. Yeah big surprise there ) and Marty took it like a man.

I can respect Mig not wanting to get a permament skin mark. people don't take their tats seriously enough, jsut getting them as fashion statements. I can also respect J.D. wanting to go his own way with thing, and Jordiss assinine comment about "j.d. never goes with the group things" ... yeah fuck her.

Full Disclosure: This is coming from a guy with full coverage above both elbows

Ok so I'll review each on their cover, then their original.. let's jsut say I was right to worry for the future of most of these guys with their originals.

- Bonnie Raitt, "I can't make you love me"AND "Soul Life": I always find a nose ring distracting in closeup.. but that's neither here nor there. Competent, and well sung, but not as much emotion as it should have had, or as much as I expected. She really does have a great voice for country. Which brings me on to "Soul Life"... if some country label doesnt pick her up it would amaze me. The song wasnt that great, it just showed Suzies singing at her best.

I don't think she deserves it, but I'm guessing bottom three here.

Mig - Black Crowes, "Hard to handle" AND "Home in me" : Alright I jsut don't think Mig kicks enough ass for this song. This is a straight blues tune, and Mig is a theater guy. He was alreight, though singing out of his range in parts; but he jsut dont got it here. "Home in me"... yeah I didnt like it, and I didnt like the way he sang it. I think it might make a good country ballad actually, obviously orchestrated completely differently. It sounds like he wrote it as a "story song" which works great in the theater, and in country, but not rock.

I'm still having a hard time believing Mig is straight. Hell his wife is damn hot too. It's jsut his performance, and that stripping... I guess he has a huge gay audience in his theater work and his performance style is tailored to them or something.

If I had my choice, he'd be bottom three this week, but I think that's unlikely.

Jordis - Queen, "We are the champions" AND "Try Not": Uhhh yeah she sucked ass. You can't lame out on a queen song. Champions isn't jsut some other song, it's the anthem of victory. Did she sing well, yes of course, she alsmot always does. Did she sing that song properly? not even close..." Try not", better than the practice session... I don't see why she was doing the the talk singing thing at first but she got into it quickly. Not bad, but I dont think she had confidence in it, and so she toned it down too much. Just not enough emotion into it. No cutting loose until jsut before the end. If she'd done the whole song that way I'd be right there with her.

Bottom three, definitely. Eliminated maybe.

J.D. - "Nirvana, Come As You Are" AND "Pretty Vegas": Ummmmmm..... I dunno there man. Actually I thought he sang REALLY well, but that was just an odd choice of how to do the song. Glenn Danzig meets Elvis doing "Come as you are" on unplugged, only not as good as that would have been (actually that would have been fucking cool); THEN kick it up and jump around the stage.... Not for me man. Now "Pretty Vegas"... the performance was great, it was the song he wrote in the songwriting clinic when he broke with the team. I dug it, and as I said before it sounded like a song INXS might release. The bullhorn was an interesting touch... His vocals were a little inconsistent, but he was clearly into it and having fun...

I still think bottom three this week, but it was actually fairly cool. If Jordis is bottom three she's gone, if not J.D. is. Or maybe the other way around, I'm honestly not sure.

Marty - Foo Fighters, "Everlong" AND "In the trees": Not bad... he pulled it in kind of an unplugged mode, started out with the full soft, then let his natural scream out a little bit, then pull back to soft. I think I'd have preferred if he put some kick ass into it, but he's worried about the band not liking his scream. "Trees" ... yeah that's kinda cool. A little poppy but definitely releaseable. Actually a bit emo such as my commenter suggested. Maybe more early 90s college alternative or late 80s underground than emo, and not nearly whiny enough. Kind of an inane lyric really but it still worked.

Oh and he let the scream out here. And it worked.

Encore probably

So I'm guessing bottom three is Jordis, J.D, and Suzie, but I wish it were Mig and not Suzie.