Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rockstar - Holy SHIT!!!!

Ty? Ty? What THE FUCK?

First of all, he gave a pretty good performance of "You can't always get what you want", no WAY that was bottom three. Second, Everyone I've talked to (excepting for swooning women) thought it should be J.D. gone...

Okay so Suzie gets the encore as I predicted with Marty as her opening act, thus making my backup prediction true as well... yay me.

So good, J.D. and Jordis were where they belonged, in the bottom three; but TY???

My "producers rigging the voting for dramatic tension" hypothesis seems more and more plausible here guys.

I'm not even going to bother reviewing the songs, because they all SUCKED HARDCORE, but J.D. and Jordis were definitely far worse. Ty's version was at least plausible.

Then the band makes the decision because Ty had been in the bottom three three times...

I repeat, WHAT THE FUCK???

Okay we knew it wasnt going to be Ty at the end, but I was SURE he'd be one of the final three. J.D. and Suzie are pretty obvious sacrificial lambs at this point, and I'm guessing J.D. goes out next week, and Suzie right after with Jordis following (gotta keep the woman in as long as possible for demographics and to avoid bad press), to set up the showdown between Mig and Marty. Mig will of course blow Marty completely out of the water, but the audience hates Mig (and INXS doesnt like Marty) so we'll see what happens.

Actually they might set Marty and Jordis up with songs they will tank to keep Suzie around for the final so the demographics will balance out, and Mig will go up against basically weak competition.