Thursday, September 08, 2005

Rockstar INXS - The plot thickens

I was busy getting smoked at poker (two bad beats tonight, dont wanna talk about it kind of bad...) but jsut watched the vids.

No surprise, it was Suzie, J.D. and Jordis as I predicted (Mig really deserved bottom three under Suzie this time but we knew that wasn't gonna happen.

Suprisingly enough, J.D. got the encore, because the fans chose it, and they agreed with me, "Pretty Vegas" was a pretty good song; though I expected Marty would get the encore.

Now on to the reviews:

Jordis - "Need you tonight" : Okay whats with Jordis playing pop star the last few weeks? I mean seriously... the first few weeks she really got balls into everything, she sounded great and bluesy with range and soul... and then the last few weeks she's pretty much just done straight up pop covers. Yeah she has an amazing voice, and huge range, plus she has great looks (a little too chubby for the pop market maybe, but just beautiful... if she'd fix the hair).

Maybe she had already decided that she isn't going to win, and so she's doing what will get her commercial notice? I mean she's definitely going to get a recording contract out of this one; and it was probably clear she wasnt going to make the cut at some point, so just make yourself look like a good pop contract possiblity for the MTV and A&R boys maybe?

I dunno, but she's gone now.

Suzie - "Never Tear Us Apart" : Well since Deanna is gone Suzie decided to sing like her I guess. Good performance, good vocalization... have I mentioned she needs to be doing country? Not great, but good enough.

J.D. - "Mystify" : Damn, that was pretty good. Still too much vamping, but J.D.'s voice was perfect (other than another visit from the vibrato monster). He really does manage to connect with the audience, especially women. He sounded almost Hutchence like for a few lines. Definitely the best performance of the three. I know he can do better than he has been, I just don't know why he doesn't.

So it's pretty much as I predicted when I said "if Jordis is in the bottom three, she's going home" . I'm still kinda surprised J.D. has made it this far... I'm thinking he's been possuming the whole time, keeping people off balance... playing the whole thing as a game show I guess. Once again, do the producers have a hand in this? There is no such thing as "reality" TV after all.

Oh and did you guys realize that Ty was 36? Mig is 35, no surprise there (he looks a little too leathery), J.D.s 32nd birthday was last weekend (baby faced, but 32 looks right), and I dunno about Marty or Suzie, but when I read that Ty was 36, I was dead shocked. I was bored and started looking on IMDB, and there was some fun stuff there. Like Dana used to do soft core porn, and Daphnas real name is Rosenthal (Daphna Dove sounded pretty lame to me, but I guess it's a better rocker name than Rosenthal).

It's funny, I'm not one of those celebrity worshippers. I've met way too many famous people to be star struck (between physical security work, and my family growing up) but I love knowing random little details like that. I'm too much of a trivia nut I guess...