Monday, September 05, 2005

A Recipe Stub

I came across this recipe stub I did a few months back, I'm wondering if I should make a full recipe out of it or not...

Real, lean, heavily cured corned beef (yeah I know I've said before it’s not traditional Irish, and it’s not, but it tastes good), and Irish back bacon, boiled to shreds in mustard pepper water with cubed potatoes.

Pull half the potatoes out at when soft, but not too soft, then deep fry in butter, along with irish sausages and white pudding (for the flavor, chopped into bite sized pieces) til soft browned.

Take some mustard, and some of the butter and sausage grease and a little milk, mix like a dressing, and toss thoroughly with the meat and potatoes.

It’s a combination fryup and boiled dinner. Differnt flavors and textures of pork and potato. Great combo.

Actually I based it on a new england boiled dinner, except I hate cabbage and turnips.

Oh and if you have a decent butcher or sausage maker, have him make you up a basil rosemary garlic and fennel lean pork sausage with some capicola or prosciutto, and parmaggiano mixed in.

The BEST sausage you will ever taste.