Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ok, I'm stealing a page from Steven Green here and I'm drunkblogging my poker night.

Two sittings today, I finished just out of the final table, both sittings I won the losers table, and there were two dollar amber bocks all night, so I had twelve.

A few days ago my brother ran out on a $20 dollar tab after a bar fight... only thats not exactly what happened. He actually payed the tab, only someone lifted it off the bar, with two independent witnesses no less... Anyway I paid the $20, and two guys came forward and said a waitress had taken it (shewas fired yesterday in an unrelated incidence of incompetence), and the bartender credit me back the $20 I paid her even though I told her I didn't have a problem covering it (she makes my triples quads when I order a triple vodka, plus shes cute and has a great attitude)yso I was drinking free the last hour of the tourney.

I went out two pair in 9th place (I went out in ninth both tables, and won both losers tables for 50 points total) - Aces and queens to the straight in the river (the guy had three times my stack, and he called me because he could) - so I went over to the losers table and started drinking.

I've had five shots, and five beers in the last 40 miniutes, and lets jsut say I'm feeling fine.

Oh, and I've got a bet going... $200 for 20 shots over 6 hours. I can win that with my eyes closed.