Thursday, September 08, 2005

Liveblogging the NFL Pregame

Just looking at the lineup I'm pissed, but hey, maybe it won't suck...

Yeah no, that was a vain hope.

1702: The Stones... WTF?? Wow they sucked ass, and I LOVE the stones.

Freddy frikking prinze? Then Kanye" needs to be shot in the head" West?

A Kanye West quote "and I know the government administers AIDS". If I were Maroon 5 I'd be embarrassed to be on stage with him.

But at least he didnt make an even bigger ass of himself.

Now maroon five does a pop favorite...

Do the NFL and ABC actually KNOW whos watching this broadcast right now? Do they know that Maroon 5 is mostly listened to by 14-24 year old girls (no not women), and gay men?

The football audience is males 14-65 and we want Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Country, and Rap...

1720: Okay the stones are back, and they suck AGAIN. By god Mick looks awful. And what the fuck is this song... Do they KNOW who they are playing for.

Green day and Santana next eh. America hating anarchists and communists. Lovely

1729: Well at least they didn't do "American Idiot". It amazes me I used to like this band.

Heh, cute commercials. Kinda stupid, but cute.

1739: Santana... I've always liked smoothe, but it jsut doesn't sound right without Rob Thomas. Especially as done by a lounge singer...

Have I mentioned that I'd give my left nut for a custom Paul Reed Smith... oooh yeah baby.

Michelle Branch leaves me cold... She is cute though, and she's from Phoenix so I s'pose I should giver her some hometown props.

1743: WOW Freddie Prinze is bad... but I'm glad to hear from Kraft. The guy is wooden up there, but he truly loves football, and the Patriots. Plus, he's actually sincere when he thanks the fans, unlike some out there.streak

1747: Fucking SWEET ... OZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY. That has to pump up the team somewhat eh

Alright, Pizza is HERE, and I have an unmerciful thrashing of Oakland to watch.