Friday, September 09, 2005

Shooting Cops

Nasty subject, and one which I generally believe should get you the death penalty...

Unless those cops are no longer acting as the lawful representative of legitimate civil authority that is.

We grant the police a conditional monopoly in the use of legitimate force to enforce civil order; in exchange for the guarantee that they will behave lawfully, and enforce the law legitimately.

Yesterday, that guarantee was breached.

The police chief of New Orleans has ordered that his department forcibly disarm all civilians in the city... except for the security contractors from Blackwater and others of course, most of whom are far better armed than the police; and ALL of whom would refuse to give up their arms.

And be quite justified in doing so.

Let me be clear on this. There is no constitutional or statutory authority for this order. Not on the part of the police chief, not on the part of the mayor, not on the part of the governor; not even on the part of the president.

Martial law has not been declared, but even if it had been, martial law does not authorise the forcible disarmament of the citizenry.

When the lawful representatives of the state excercise legitmate authority, they are protected under the law and by the full force of the state. When those agents act with no authority, or illegitmate authority, they are no longer granted the protection of the cloak of state.

An individual is no more obligated to follow the unlawful orders of a police officer, than they are to follow the orders of a criminal.

Any police officer or other public official attempting to enforce this order, is acting illegally, unconstitutionally, and immorally; and their orders must not be followed. If they attempt to compel compliance with force, they should be resisted with force.

Yes, if a cop attempts to take your guns away by force, and without legitimate authority (for example if your right to keep and bear arms has been nullified by a felony conviction) you should shoot him.

It doesn't mater that they are "innocent cops following orders". Any representative of the state should know that their orders are illegal and unconstitutional, and should refuse to carry them out.

If they do not refuse; if they attempt to compel compliance with force, they MUST be resisted with force. They have made themselves into unconstitutional invaders, and should be treated as such.

They are, as unfortunate as it is to say this; legitimate targets in defense of liberty.

One shrinks back from the thought of killing cops, but once the police begin abusing their monopoly of legitimate force; they must be stopped by any means necessary.

One cannot trust a government, that does not trust it's citizens with arms

Molon Labe

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