Friday, September 09, 2005

Poker Weirdness

'kay so I'm in a 9 man single table limit holdem tourney, $55 buy in, $300 for first, $150 for second.

I ended up knocking out half the table, going up to $4000 and I said "Okay, I'm bored, I'm going to raise the limit every round" of betting from now on.

Which I did.

And I ended up coming in second. I just kept winning pot after pot. I didn't even care, I literally just raised the maximum every round of betting.

I felt like Phill Helmuth on crack...

Finally everyone else was gathering around just to see what would happen. There was much swearing and side betting going on.

Insane man.

Actually, if I'd played the last few hands right I prolly would have won. I was well ahead of my heads up player. But I said I'd raise the max, so I did.