Friday, July 14, 2006

Lawful Open Carry

I've mentioned before that I carry openly almost every day. This is true, but it's not as ... I dunno, brazen... as you may think; at least most days (an openly carried 1911 is generally fairly obvious).

See, In Arizona, lawful open carry means having more than 1/2" square of the holster (excluding the belt loops) or weapon exposed; presuming a conventional holster (that includes all IWB and pocket holsters etc... but excludes pouches, fanny packs, and holsters specifically intended to disguise a gun, like a PagerPal).

So with a small gun (in this case a Kel-Tec P3AT), in a simple pocket sheath, lawful open carry looks something like this:

And from the side:

Now that's just a plain T-Shirt and jeans, no special effort made to conceal anything, no special carry pants etc...

This is what it looks like, even with the t-shirt pulled up:

I've never had anyone even notice it who wasn't specifically looking for it.

Even with a slightly larger gun, and a loosely bloused shirt, you have lawful open carry; as with my Kahr K9 in a Galco Scout (shown here with a compact 1911)

isn't going to scare the neighbors. Yes, it's visible to someone who's looking for it, but most folks will never notice. Even better, without a cover garment, it's a HELL of a lot quicker to get into action.

UPDATE: For those of you who commented, "Why don't you jsut get a CCW", I HAVE one. I simply choose to carry openly much of the time, as is my right. I don't worry about how well concealed I am most of the time; unless I'm in a situation where carrying a weapon would be socially unacceptable (and where I'm willing to accept that limitation).