Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rockstar Supernova - Kickin it up and breakin it down

Ok so the band decided it was "bust everyone down a notch" day. If you didn't bring it hard today, you were trashed.

Thank frikken god.

Overall a lot more juice in the performances, but the just don't seem to have "IT" yet.

The Reviews:

Magni Asgiersson - The Who, "My Generation": MUCH MUCH Better this time. He had great stage presence, solid vocals, not QUITE enough ball kicking, but good. The band dug it, the audience dug it, he's a complete pro. He's definitely safe

Jenny Galt - Soft Cell, "Tainted Love": Boring, low energy opening, overly campy, vibrato monster into what was supposed to be a kick ass bridge, but really kinda sucked. American Idol grade performance. I wonder if she can actually hold a note for more than a second or so.

Jill Gioia- Hole, "Violet": Good Courtney love immitation, 'cept Jill can actually sing not just scream. Jason actually looks like he's in terrible pain listening to this. Honestly I HATE this song so I can't fairly judge it; but as far as it goes she performed it well. She had unGODLY stage energy and craziness, but she was creepy in the courtney love impersonation thing.

Zayra Alvarez - The Kinks, "You Really Got Me": Flat, out of key, nasally, screamy, she needs about three dozen cookies dipped in bacon grease... What the HELL was she thinking picking that song. Gilby absolutely trashed her, but she went right back at him. Tommy lee jsut loves her ass (which is I admit, worth loving). Bottom Three, 100%.

Chris Pierson - Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out": He just can't do it. He isn't professional, and he's shouting much more than singing. He ALMOST had it in the speedie section, but no. Really he just doesnt get it. Bottom three without doubt.

Dilana - Johnny Cash, "Ring Of Fire": SACRILIGE!!!!!! Cash mixed with indian hippy music. Thing is, she can DO Johnny Cash well, she should have done a straight version. I dunno... The band seems to have liked it, it was cool, but sooo wrong... Oh and way too much metal in her face.

Josh Logan - Creed, "With Arms Wide Open": Ok, he deserves to be cruicified just for the song choice, but the rest was more than worthy. Honestly, did he think he was on American Idol? Auditioning to be backup singer for Clay Aiken? The boy band refugee syndrome continues. If there was any justice he'd be castrated in public right now.

Phil Ritchie - Tonic, "If you could only see": The opening sucked, he funked it up and used the glissondo way to much. Way too low keyed, way too low tempod. Better than last week, probably kept out of the bottom three, but it's another popstar performance. Overacting a bit. NO ROCK in this boy. Jasons advice "Plant your feet and CRUSH IT" works for me.

Storm Large - Cheap Trick, "Surrender": Ok, that was pretty cool. Started off great, didn't QUITE have the range for it in the middle, but she good energy, and good grunt. They actually speeded this one up, which is saying something because the original is blazing fast. Oh and I should mention once agian the house band kicks ass. Maybe a little too much ham and cheese there. Seriously though, am I the only one who thinks this chick belongs in pro-wrestling... in a thong?

Patrice Pike - Nirvana, "Heart Shaped Box": She blew the opening, but picked it up pretty quick. The arrangement didnt quite work. She got the scream alright, but not loud or loose enough. Honestly just like last year, nirvana is a choice best left alone. The songs just can't be done properly. A competent performance, and she had good energy and she looked like a pro. She's safe.

Lukas Rossi - Coldplay, "Don't Panic":Okay, so he can do Coldplay, unsurprising considering he is an emo bitch boy, but it wasn't bad. Wrong song for the band, but he pulled it off, if a bit weirdly. The messianic wandering around was a bit much. When he picked it up after the bridge it was actually good. I still think the guy has J.D. disease. Oh and Dave really is the Paula Abdul bitch in this show; and Jason really has the good advice.

Ryan Star - The Rolling Stones, "Jumping Jack Flash": Too slow, pitched too low, wasy too country, vibrato monster... This guy needs to pick a Bush tune and jsut ROCK it. I bet if he sang glycerine he'd kick ass. The performance was a little weak, all the way til the end when he finally loosened up and kicked it up. Probably not bottom three, but maybe... I dunno I think he deserves another chance.

Dana Andrews - Steppenwolf, "Born To Be Wild": Ok, for a song that a woman should NEVER sing (unless she's Joan Jett), she did a good job. Still too much country, too smoothe, not "wild" enough, but great swagger, good stage presence, very sexy. She worked the crowd well, especially comin out of the bridge. I'd put her performance here as just under Magnis for quality.
Toby Rand - The Killers, "Somebody Told Me": HARD HARD song. Too nasal, but not BAD energy. Way less boy band, good speed, not quite enough energy, not smoothe enough in the chorus, still a bit wooden. WAY better than last week, enough to keep him safe, good potential to work with maybe, we'll see. Tommy really does not like this guy.

Okay so my picks for bottom three are Zayra, Chris, and Josh. Zayra is frikken nuts, and Chris and Josh just plain SUCK SUCK SUCK.

Josh should be tortured to death by being locked in a small room with Zayra, a large amount of meth, and a dull backscratcher.