Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Goodbye Max


So we received a call late today from the mechanic working on our BMW Max. Last Sunday Max suffered from an electrical fire and insurance has refused to pay for the work. Turns out that is no longer an issue. The mechanic can not isolate the electrical problem and the repairs to the car (pretty much all of the wiring at this point) would cost more than the car is worth. The mechanic isn't charging us for the testing he's done (he's ethical and does all he can, a rarity in this profession) so we're only out of pocket for the rental car.

But now we no longer have a car.

Chris and I have been looking for a different vehicle, deciding what we want and getting pre-approved by the various dealerships for a loan. We weren't planning on doing anything for another couple of weeks at least, but we wanted to be ready. We even visited a dealership today to try out vehicles and see what was in inventory. Now we have to step up the pace considerably, as this is AZ and although mass transportation exists it doesn't get the kids to my parents', my groceries bought, or Chris to work in any reasonable amount of time. We MUST have a car, and as soon as possible. Since we don't have car repairs to pay for now we can afford a down payment on this paycheck, we can push for payment of $4K that is currently owed to us, and we can sell the car for parts. It will be tight, but it's doable, and while we might not get exactly what we want we'll get what we need.

That being said, I'm heartbroken.

I love Max. Max is the best vehicle I've ever had, has been a helluva lot of fun to drive, and up until the fire extremely dependable. I've never had a BMW or any kind of sportscar before, but this little 525i made me a believer. I love this car so much, and after 8 months I'm losing him.

I know I'll always have other vehicles, but this is like losing a part of the family, almost like losing a dog. I'll miss Max, just like I miss my black truck and my cat. So in closing, I must say...

Goodbye Max, we're going to miss you. Thanks for everything.


Just call me Mel, everyone else does.