Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova - Week 3 Eliminations

Well now. My personal picks for bottom three were Zayra, Josh, and Phil; but I figured the country would think differently, and pick Jenny and Dana... well they did, AND they also dumped on Josh. Thank god.

I WAS suprised that Magni got the encore, I was expecting Dilana again after the audience reaction, but hey, Magni rocks.

The Eliminator:

Jenny Galt - STP, "Vaseline": She's out from behind the guitar, but the chick just can't rock. She didnt do a bad job singing, but she hasnt got the balls, the energy, the growl, the scream... Also what the hell is she thinking doing an STP song with Gilby Clarke sitting their judging her, AND THEN NOT DOING IT RIGHT? She needs to go back to folk music. She's gone.

Dana Andrews - Sass Jordan, "High Road Easy": Awesome. Sexy, fun, powerful, gutbusting; she rocked it. Perfect song (check out Sass Jordan BTW, if you don't know her. GREAT singer). Great energy, great tone, she proved here that she doesnt belong in the bottom three. This might as well have been an encore performance not an elimination.

Josh Logan - Nirvana, "Heart Shaped Box": WAAAAY better than he'd done before. He got the crush bits right, but HE STILL DOES THAT STUPID R&B WARBLE half the time. He's safe here, but I still hate him. He belongs on American Idol not Rockstar.

And indeed Jenny is gone. She gave the worst performance of the three, she's completely unsuited to the band, and it was the right decision.

Next week I predict Phil, Zayra, and Josh.