Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A smashing success

Final Tally:

13 adults, 5 children. About half the meat and cheese, less than 1/2 the veggies, chips, beer and soda consumed. Our freezer is groaning right now; but not as much as our bellies were last night.

We scheduled things to get started at 2 so we'd actually be able to get started by 4, but we didnt even start eating til about six. The food went over very very well; for which I am most glad. Unfotunately a couole of our gests had to leave before they ate, but at least good company and good drink was enjoyed by all.

The poker got started around 7. We had two tournaments, at $10 a piece with 10 players in the first, and seven in the second. Mel and I both finished just out of the money (I was third in the first tournament, she was third in the second), and a first time poker player actually took home second place in the first tourney.

The two tourneys finished up around midnight, and most of our guests left except the SERIOUS poker players, and we got down to a cash game. $5 for 5000 chips. Mel went out early and didnt bother rebuying (too tired), and I ended up with one rebuy (pocket jacks, to pocket 10s with a 10 on the turn... what can you do), when I proceeded to mop the floor with the rest of the players. We played til 3, and I ended the night up about $40 overall.