Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Baseline Rapist and Self Defense

From Mel:

People in the Phoenix area are more cautious than usual these days. Phoenix bears the unenviable distinction of having three serial killers on the loose, and despite 24 hour police investigations and a new $100K reward for information these animals are still out there somewhere. Two of them are linked to two series of random shootings, and one is the serial rapist and murderer referred to as the Baseline Rapist for his tendency to commit crimes along Baseline Road.

Now I'm not sure how other women feel about such things, but I would much rather be murdered outright than raped and murdered. Sure another person taking your life is not a good thing, but for them to take away your dignity as well.... that's a bit much. On my scale of Creatures I Despise, rapists rank up there with child abusers and pedophiles, way above your average random shooter. Rapists that then murder should be tortured to death quite slowly, starting with paper cuts to the genitalia they have used to commit the crimes. But that's irrelevant in this case....

What amazes me is that this rapist, who (unlike the random shooters) has to come so very CLOSE to his victims, has not come across a woman with a concealed firearm yet. Or even a grasp of self defense technique. There is a serious problem here, and it's not just a sicko out for rape and murder. Why should women have to lock themselves up at night in the middle of a Phoenix summer, not even risking walking their dogs? I understand it's a safety measure, but I can think of two more measures which would be much more effective and long-lasting.

Every woman, and every man needs to be armed. Every adult capable of operating a firearm safely, accurately, and with common sense in a crisis needs to be carrying. Every adult NOT capable of doing so for WHATEVER reason needs to learn basic self defense, awareness, and evasion techniques. Every child as well, as much as their age and ability allows. The ONLY reason these animals get past their first victims is because their victims were unable to stop them. Hiding doesn't work; there is always going to be an avaible victim somewhere on the streets of the city at night out of necessity. Not everyone works 9-5, and not everyone has transportation to their own doorstep. Just because that person isn't you doesn't mean it doesn't affect you. When a city is gripped in fear it affects EVERYONE.

So do yourself a favor, and your loved ones. Buy your S.O. a firearm and teach them how to use it safely. Get your concealed carry license, and encourage your loved ones to get theirs. Sign your kids up for self defense courses, be it basic classes or advanced martial arts. Any self-respecting dojo teaches their students how to escape headlocks and other physical restraint; a rapist who can't catch you can't rape you.

And most of all, don't let these animals stop you from living. While I hope it never happens, and I don't enter unsafe areas for undue cause, I pity the idiot who would try to rape me. If he somehow survives the gunshot wounds and manages to kill me, he would be readily recognizable by the missing pieces of flesh I have taken off. Just because I know the rapists are out there doesn't mean that I hide in fear. It only takes one armed potential victim to stop a spree and save the next person. That's more than worth the cost and effort of arming yourself, and everyone you know.


Just call me Mel, everyone else does.