Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Incase shit

Insurance... hate it, can't live without it.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had an electrical fire in out BMW. As a result of that fire, the car would cost more to repair than it is worth. Now normally insurance would cover a thing like that, but Progressive...

Here's the situation. The short was caused by water leaking into a wiring channel, and apprently fining its way into some terminals. It blew a fusible link, and then managed to fuse a control wire to my amp powersupply wire, and madness ensued.

The upshot is, a bunch of control modules (about $700 worth) were burned, as was part of the wiring harness; and assorted small items attached. There would also be about 8 hours of shop labor involved minimum.

So, the insurance adjuster doesnt get to my mechanic for three days after the incident and he says that because he doesnt see any water, there is no evidence of water causing the fire, it must be improper maintenance; and they deny the claim.

No water left over, in Arizona, in June, three days after the incident while my mechanic has been working on it.


Anyway, I'd have to sue them to recover the money, and the $3200 asessed value of the car less the $500 deductible and court costs, just isn't worth it.

So we bought ourselves a truck; and jsut to get the truck out the door, registered etc... we transferred our current policy to the truck.

But I'm DEFINITELY leaving progressive. Sure they are convenient to deal with, but it's not the first negative experience I've had with them.

At first I was thinking about going back to USAA, because their service is jsut the best, but I'm a AAA plus member, and they sent me a special discounted insurance offer... the upshot is, I can have more coverage, for $900 A YEAR LESS than with progressive, and more under USAAs rates (USAA is not cheap, nor are they expensive, but they ARE good). Also I'll get a 25% discount if I bring my homeowners/renters and general liability policies over to them.

So the question now is, anyone deal with AAA auto insurance? Is their service acceptable?