Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: Week 4 Elimination - Thank GOD he's gone, but why is SHE still here?

So, I started this week saying
Now, bottom three... I'm almost certain this is the week we see Zayra go. It would take a frikken miracle performance tonight for her to stay alive. Personally, I think that Phil did another horrible tune, but for some reason he seems to be immune to the fact that he sucks. Lukas probably belongs in the bottom this week as well.

Now, do I think the country will agree with me? I have a sneaking suspicion that Storm will see the bottom this week. I dont think her performance was worth it, but it's definitely her worst yet. Also, it wouldnt surprise me at all to see patrice or Josh there. No, I don't think they deserve it, I'm sure my picks were worse, but it wouldn't shock me either.
So, Zayra, Patrice, and Josh... not real surprise there; though as I said, Patrice wasn't really BAD, she just wasn't GOOD.

The reason I said Storm might show up in the bottom, is because not enough of the voting public LIKES the punk thing; but I'm so glad to see she gets the credit for the ROCK she deserves.

No question, both Zayra and Phil (and Josh) both need to go, As Soon As Possible, but I'm willing to give Patrice another shot.

Oh, and did anyone else notice Brooke Burke got another boob job, and this one is even worse?

The Encore: Storm, for her punked out stage diving. I just love this chick. Amazing energy, she really is a rockstar, and I think it's going to be her and Magni in the final.

The Elimination:

Patrice Pike - Radiohead, "My Iron Lung": Tough choice here. Thom Yorke is a hard guy to follow. Honestly I don't think Patrice has the guts, or the confidence, or the balls to stick this one out. She's not bad, she's just not a star. Now, that said, it takes guts to pick a radiohead tune for your do or die. Not bad, she started off a little stiff, but smoothed her way into it. Her energy and comfort came up... I think this girl really does much better in a full set than one song. She's jsut barely comfortable by the time she finishes her song, and her SECOND or third song is probably where she hits her stride. She definitely got better as THIS song went on, though I wasn't really terribly impressed here, she didnt do a bad job at all. GREAT scream there by the by. She's certainly saved herself here.

Zayra Alvarez - K's choice, "Not an Addict": Well, I don't know the song, or the band; but she seems to really love the tune, so hey. Anyway, this girl really has a great voice, but she just doesnt know how to use it. With a good coach she could really be amazing. She has the confidence, and the presence to really do something but she jsut can't back it up. She warbled a bit through this one, and there were parts where her breath control was iffy. Also her english diction is poor enough that it really effects her clarity here. There were moments here where she was great, but it was mostly just mediocre. Not bad, just not great. Better as she went on; if she could do the whole thing like her last minute I'd have actually liked her performance.

Phil Ritchie - Failure, "Smoking Umbrellas": I don't know this song or band either, and I just hate Phil anyway, but with a good performance here he could best Zayra. unfortunatel (or fortunately), he didn't even come close. He was off key, out of tune, flat, sharp, screechy, warbly, no breath control... honestly he was AWFUL, and that's not just my dislike of the guy. Seriously, I think he knew he was going home, and he wasn't able to deal with it.

Seriously, I think Zayra should have gone this time around, not Phil, but we need to get rid of both of them. Also, I think Gilby had a point, I don't think Phil particularly wanted to be in the band.

I'll say this, the more I watch Gilby and Jason, the more impressed I get (Tommy Lee is just Tommy lee. He is who he is, and we all know who he is). I've always loved Jasons work (Cliff Burtons ghost has unjustly overshadowed him his entire career), and he just shows how great a pro he is every night on this show. Gilby... well he was a drunk and a drug addict when I was listening to his music, so I didn't think I'd be impressed, but here he is, and he's a real pro too. When you think about it, thr three of them have a combined total of like 75 years of touring under their belts so I don't know why I'm surprised, but honestly I have a great deal more respect for these guys than I did before this show... not something you would normally say of reality show participants.