Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's Grillin Time

Up to 12 adults (8 confirmed)
3 Children

72 12 oz adult beverages
24liters of soda
12lbs of ground sirloin
24 sweet italian sausages
4lbs of Kielbasa
2lbs of hot dogs
5lbs of corn
5lbs of cheese
2lbs of bell peppers
2lbs of veggie sticks
1 quart of olive oil
1 gallon Ketchup
1/2 gallon mustard
20lbs of ice
40lbs of charcoal

12 stacks of 7100 in poker chips, and 4 decks of cards. $20 buyin, no cashout, no rebuys, house gets 25% to cover the beer, second place gets 25%, winner gets 50%.

I think we've got this one covered.