Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'll jsut be over here collapsing in the corner

We had a massive power outage last nite; major class V thunderboomers, with 50+kt winds, and hurricane force gusts.

We had some direct lightning strikes in our neighborhood, including one that blew my next door neighbors fence into splinters, and shook my house to it's foundation. We lost a tree and part of our roof, and there are downed trees and lines everywhere. There were a few fires and traffic accidents, and some criminal activity in the area.

Anyway, the power was out from 9pm until just a few minutes ago, and unfortunately the storms didn’t noticably cool anything down. It was 90 degrees and 100% relative humidity, with no juice, all night. I'm jsut hoping my AC can keep up during the day, starting from 85.

We're all right here, but I haven't slept, and I'm about ready to drop. I'll be back to the world in 4-6 hours.

UPDATE: So we took a little drive around the neighborhood to view the damage/progress, and snapped a couple from my phone

Part of my neighbors shed

The REST of my neighbors shed (about 1/4 mile away)

A near miss on the house down the street

This one didnt miss

A slightly different angle

Man, we really got off lucky, just losing some shingles and a tree.