Wednesday, April 06, 2005

By whatever means necessary

An article from Mas Ayoob has been making the rounds of the gunny sites lately, talking about when lethal force is justified. Related to that, a thread on the NOR asks "what are your opinions on lethal force. When should it be used, when are you justified".

I recently renewed my CCW, and we talked specifically about when you were and were not legally jsutified, and what the consequences would likely be, even in a justified shooting, and what your personal go-no-go point was.

For me, it's really simple; If I feel that me or mine are threatened with harm, I am going to stop the threat, by whatever means neceessary.

If I see a violent crime being committed in front of me, and I have the ability to stop it, I will do so by whatever means necessary.

If someone comes into my home in the middle of the night, I WILL percive that individual as a potential lethal threat, and I will stop the threat, by whatever means necessary.

I don't care about the legal justification issue; better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six.