Friday, April 01, 2005

Ugliest Modern Gun Contest

Ok guys, time for a little reader poll,

Everyone submit their suggestions (and links to pics if its an uncommon model) for what the ugliest gun to ever see mass production was/is.

So far we've got someone saying the Astra Auto. My personal choice is the FN-P90, and the Heartless lIbertarian is going with the HKG11, but I'm disqualifying that because it wasnt a real production gun(otherwise it'd be my cgoice as well).

The SA80 and the Steyr AUG have to be in there somewhere.

So groundrules:

1. the gun must have seen full production, and will be judged in production trim, by design not by finish quality (no rooneyd up guns, they're ALL ugly, and a bad finish can uglify ANY gun)
2. The gun must be a modern cartridge firearm (caseless allowed)
3. The gun must be FUGLY

Suggestions due by next friday, and we'll judge the winner (er... loser?) by general acclamation.