Friday, April 22, 2005

I prefer the term geek

Yes, I am a geek God.

And a computer god too apparently, though I'm kind of irked I only got a 98%. I think it's because I run windows on some of my machines.

In fact, I think I'll post my geek code.

I do wish that hayden would do an update. I know others have; but Hayden is the traditional one.


Version: 3.1

GCM/E/IT/O d+(-)@ s+:++ a- C++++$ UBLAIS++++$ P---(+++)@ L++$ !E---- W+++$ N+++>$ !o !K w++++(---)$@ !O- M+>$ V PS+@ PE++(+)@ Y++$ PGP++$ t++(--)@ 5(--) X++ R+++$* tv(+)@ b++++>$ DI++++ D++ G+++ e++ h+ r+ y+++++**


If anyone know a GOOD updated geek code, or a better automatic code decoder (so that mundanes can read the code above without it being a PITA) I'll take a look.

HT: My favorite track toad