Saturday, April 02, 2005

Prepping for the CCW course - Part 2: Gear

Now on to the fun stuff, the gear for the CCW course.

I'm taking the Yost customized Springfield Champion in my hip, in a Galco cop series high ride. I generally only use the Galco for classes and the range; because it's comfortable, but doesn't conceal all that well. I usually carry the Champion in a kydex IWB, or a Wilson Low-Profile (actually made by Rafter S, some of the best gunleather in the business. I have two of their belts and two mag pouches as well), both of which are excellent for concealment, but the course doesn't allow crossdraw, SOB, or IWB carry (I'm actually a fan of SOB carry as well, usually with an IWB or a belt slide, but it's entirely unsuitable for a training environment).

I was thinking about bringing the USP compact, which HK SWORE would be back to me by yesterday; it wasn't. It's a great carry piece, because even though it's thick through the slide, the shape doesn't print much at all, and it's VERY light (23oz unloaded vs. 34oz); plus the thing is almost as precise, and I'm alsmot as accurate with it, as the custom 1911 (and it damn well should be for the money they cost).

I'll bring my normal deep cover piece (a well worked over Kahr K9) as well, but it's really a 7 yard gun, and we'll be doing excercises at 15 yards. The thing groups fine from the bench out to 25 yards, but we'll be doing holster drills; and while I can make it group like a champ in speed drills at 7 yards (8 shots fast as I can control into a 4" circle, 5 shots slow into 2" or so), the sight radius is just too short, and the trigger is just too long (although I've smooooothed this thing up so it's like a nice light DA revolver pull) for fast and accurate shooting at 15 yards.

Oh and the wallyworld ammo was more expensive than the last time I bought it. $23.95 for 100rds of the 230gr Remington JHPs (talk about a flying ashtray). Also I think the Remingtons changed their specs from the last time I bought them, because although these chamber fine, they are a little long, and ejecting the unfired round is a bit tight. I used to have the same problem with the Golden Sabers whenever I tried them, but not the green and whites, now it seams they are loading to the same OAL, or the nose profile has changed, and they are hanging up on ejection. It won't be a problem when firing, but it might make clearance drills a PITA.

My normal diet is +P Gold Dots, or Glasers but I'm not spending $100 on the ammo for this class (or $300 if I were to fire all glasers). I've fired at least 1000 gold dots through this gun (I honestly dont know, probably more), I know how they feed, and how they shoot; I don't ned to train with them for that kind of money.

Actually that reminds me, I need to check out ammoman and see if he has the bulk boxes of Gold Dot .45 on sale again. I can usually pick up the 250rd boxes from either him, or the gun shows, for $45-$60 a pop when they are on sale (update: looks like he's still out).

As it is, I've got about 120 rds of the gold dot on hand, 40 Taurus copper expanders, 40 hydrashoks, 40 Cor-Bon +p+ (though they dont call it that, it's jsut REALLY hot +p, like 1050fps 230gr), about 40 glasers and magsafes, and 150 federal hardball, plus the 100 remington jsut picked up. That is literally the lowest I've been on .45 in two plus years.

I'm also down to about 500 9mm, 1300 5.56, and 800 7.62x51, also the lowest I've been in a year. Worse, I've only got 300 rounds of decent 5.56 left, which I keep loaded in mags in my AR's drag bag; the other case worth is Wolf. It is at least new Wolf, with the polymer not the lacquer, but that shit smells horrible, and it's the dirtiest gankiest ammo in the world. I swear to god they use Horse piss for their nitrates, and manure for their binder (which is actually one of the ways powder used to be made BTW).

I really need to set up my presses (I've got two orange crushers), and grab some components. I should probably pick up brass catchers for the AR and M14 as well. God knows how much good brass I've jsut left for the range to pick up over the years.

I've got all the dies I need, but I dont have a case tumbler, my scale is dead, and my powder measure is lost... and I dont have the cash to replace them. Maybe if I can get the watch, and the smith sold off... I've been lmiting my shooting lately because of the budget crunch, and I'm jsut not thrilled with that situation. My normal shooting routine is to burn 500 or so rounds a week, and I think I've only managed 500 rounds in the last six weeks.