Thursday, April 14, 2005

Idle Hands Range Report

In an effort to blow off some steam I went to the range today with John, and it was probably the worst I've ever shot in my life.

I wanted to test out the handloads I made up last week, get some practice in, and work off some of the stress from my mom. I also wanted to do my holster qual so I can get some holster drill practice before I start shooting competitively again.

Well, I blew the holster qual pretty throughly, and I was upset about that, and of course my mother, but I figured, "okay blow a hundred or so rounds, I'll feel better).

I was all over the place. Yeah, I ate the center out of the target, but I had flyers all over the place. I probably put two in the C on every shot string, which is WAY worse than I EVER shoot.

Remember, I wasn't shooting from the holster, this was from ready at 7-15 yards. I usually have nice tight little clusers at 2-4".

I'm not the kind of guy who likes to miss.

The handloads worked flawlessly in Johns gun, but out of about 150 rds, I had probably 5 malfunctions, including a couple from factory loads, which is unnacceptable. It was with three different loads, and all were failure to eject or failure to feed, so I know it was my gun. I'mna have to detail strip it and see what's up. I'm thinking my extractor tension might have been screwed up by all the FTE's I had with the remington green box during my CCW qual, and I havent fired the gun since so...

Anyway that irritated me even more.

Finally I jsut gave it up as a bad job, then went to see my mother (updated her status below.

I'm'na get back out this weekend, probably to Ben Avery instead of the gun club. I think I'll shoot the M14 a bit, and run a few hundred more through the 1911; though BASF doesnt let your run drills from the holster.