Thursday, April 14, 2005

Verbal Offer

So I recieved a verbal offer today. I'm pretty excited about this gig, it's a damn near ideal job.

If the written offer gets to me in the next few days I could start as soon as next week.

There is one problem though, I refused to give their HR people my SSN, DOB, past addresses etc... I also refused to give my authorization to run a background and credit check, take a drug test, or to give my references; until an offer was on the table.

I told the HR guy that I had no problem giving it after an offer was tendered, but I wouldnt give them yet.

It is illegal for any prospective employer to require this information from you before they are your employer, though it has become common practice for them to ask; and I won't give up my info unless I have a written offer. I have no problem with the offer being contingent on the reference and background check, I'm jsut not going to give you that info, or the right to invade my privacy unless I'm sure you are going to be my employer.

Their HR guy took exception to this, and has his nose out of joint about hiring me; so I'm gonna have to smoothe the waters with this guy.

Honestly, I'm not trying to be an asshole, but I've had some serious problems with privacy breeches before. I've had my identity stolen multiple times over the course of the last ten years; not only that, but I'M A SECURITY CONSULTANT. You would think they would understand, but for some people if you question their routine or process, well there must be something wrong with you.

Anyway my prospective boss was cool with it, but the HR guy wasnt, so I'm'na have to make nice.