Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First Day

Well, I was going to write a long post about my first day, but I'm too damn exhausted. I was working from 0730-1830; and I didn't get any sleep at all last night (literally). I was up for 48 hours, had a nap for 2 hours, and then I woke up last night around 2200, and have been up since.

Instead of the typical first day orientation; my boss (who's in another state anyway) get sick, and I'm in two actual operational meeting in my first three hours. I had a short staff meeting with each of my staff as well; and I've been given half a dozen major projects alreayd.

Oh and that's not including the list I'm making of other shit that needs to be done; and that list is loooooong.

This is what happens when you have no-one managing process, procedure, or operations for two years. Everything ties itself in knots; it may work, but no-one knows how, or for how long.

Then there was the 3 hours worth of HR paperwork to go through (no exaggeration). Of course the upshot of it is I'll be paid for this week next friday rather than having to wait for three weeks; AND I get health benefits starting today, including full medical, 90/10 scrip with no penalty for name brand, full dental inc. orthodontal and surgury, disability, life, legal, health club, employee assistance, 401k with 100% match up to 6% and a 2 year vest; basically the whole package; all of it for $130 a month (I maxed out all my coverage, because it was only $40 more than the basic).

The healthcare industry doesn't pay that well (in any other business... well except financial who are just as bad... I'd be making 25-50% more for this same job); but the bennies are absolutely the best.

So I'm there maybe 3 hours, and I find out that of my three ops staff (the guys who monitor the systems, change backup tapes etc...) one has only been in the job a couple months; one transferred within the company a few days ago, and was replaced with someone who started yesterday; and the third is leaving in three weeks to become a flight attendant, which was apparently her dream since she was a little girl. We have 18 hour coverage with overlap, and an on call bridge; which means that people can't really back stop each other all that much.

Even better, one of my help desk guys so palpably hates his job, that he's about ready to pop; but he's a really good, sharp, experienced guy who I don't want to lose; so I NEED to find something for him to do to get him off the phone.

Another girl is so frustrated and pissed and abused (by the lack of a system, and the people who take advantage of it) that she cant stop making bitter (but funny) jokes. She hasn't had anyone to go to with her problems, and no-one who could actually do anything about them anyway...

I've got ONE guy admining a 24/7 high availability mixed UNIX (sun, linux, and HP), and win2k3 environment; a couple dozen boxes, includgin two symmetrix boxes and two libraries with BCV and DR for five sites around the country.

Security.... the admin can't get any security in place because he has no management clout, and not enough security experience; to push through the inconvenience of security on the people who use the systems currently. The problem is, without regard to the general risks involved in having poor information security; WE'RE A HEALTH CARE COMPANY; we have HIPAA and NIST issues to deal with.


There's nothing I love better than going in, kicking ass, and taking names; even better when I'm doing it for people who I like, and want to help and support.

My staff are great, but they're all on the edge of burnout because they havent had any support. Now it's time to turn that around, and I can't wait.

Now if I can just get the rest of the company to go along with me without having to resort to violence (emotionally and verbally anyway); and avoid being fired at the same time...