Thursday, April 14, 2005

Buy a Gun Day - Sort Of

Well I found out what took HK so long to get me my gun.

I sent my USP compact .45 in for repairs February 8th, and was told that the slide repair wouldnt be covered under my warranty, and would be $300 + labor to repair. I didn't have the cash to get it done at the time so I told them to hold on to it, then finally got them the money, and the gun was supposed to be back to me at the end of March.

Well the gun arrived back from HK today, and it's pretty much a brand new gun.

HK replaced every part of the gun but the frame, barrel, and slide stop lever. Did it need it? No probably not, but there was a notiation "Test fired, trigger engagement felt loose, inspected, loose roll pin, replace sear, trigger, springs, tuned trigger".

Basically the HK gunsmith didnt like the way the trigger felt, so he replaced it. It took them an extra week from that test firing to get the parts in, and fitted(April sixth according to the paperwork), though it was supposedly shipped last thursday so I don't know why it took a week to get to me.

On the same page another notation "Magazine worn, welds rough, replaced 2 magazines ".

Those items WERE both covered under the warranty, unlike the cracked slide which they refused to cover because aftermarket night sights were installed.

So basically I have a brand new gun, including two new magazines sitting next to me right now. It's had a factory trigger job (decent, could be better. about 4.5 lbs SA, smooth with quite a bit of creep but no stacking). I expect with breakin (about 200 rounds), the gun will be better than new (as the trigger and barrel wear in).

Oh and they reinstalled the night sights, only this time they can't bitch because the frikken factory put them in.