Friday, April 29, 2005

Fucked up night

So I'm having a very fucked up night.

I went out after work to get some food; and I met this INCREDIBLY gorgeous little Korean girl; 4'10, 24 (age and waist); amazing body, amazing face (I LOVE asian women). Little turquoise blue dress, matching eyeshdow and contrasting watermelon lipstick with the same color heels and nails... Good lord; you couldn't have made a fantasy more perfect.

So anyway we start talking, and she's fun, funny, sexy... damn

Well; eventually we get to looking at each other in THAT way, touching hands, you know the deal; and we head back to her place.

Let me just say DAMN, and leave it at that.

Anyway, she's actually Korean (from Seoul), and she's got a nice Korean boyfriend; student at ASU and some kind of missionary or something; so A. you know she's not having much fun, and B. there's not what you would call a bright future there.

...but hell it was worth it.

So I'm driving home; WELL pleased, happy, one might even say blissful, and certainly well satisfied....

The car in front of me swerves; and I see a yellow blur jump out from the curb. I saw it in time to move; but not far enough to get him out from under my wheels so I tried to get him between the wheels.

There was a nasty thump; but it didnt sounds like a full on impact. I stopped right away pulled into a side alley; but the dog had run off.

A couple other cars had stopped with me, including the woman who had swerved in front of me; who turned out to be a paramedic, and coincidentally a dog fancier (she was gorgeous too actually; looked a lot like the girl from Legend and Ferris Buellers day off, Mia Sara. Yes; I am that much of a horndog that I noticed in incredibly gorgeous woman even though I had jsut hit a dog).

After a few minutes we found the dog (a medium sized long haird Golden Retreiver -- AMAZING he didnt hit the bumper); and he seemed ok. We checked for obvious injuries; and the dog didn't exhibit any pain; but he wasn't very responsive either. Conscious and aware, but not reacting very much to anything; and not whimpering, even when I picked him up (very bad sign).

The paramedic got her car (a ford explorer) and I carried the dog into it (my car was full of stuff).

I don't think the dog got a solid hit; I think he just went into the air dam under my bumper; because there was no impact on the main bumper, and no gross injuries; but the dog was clearly not well.

He had no tag, and was trailing a broken choke chain. His teeth looked good and clean, but his ribs were clearly visible and his fur was clean, but matted.

The paramedic offered to take him to the animal hospital she uses; and she said she had done it before more than once. I offered to pay but she said the county would cover it, and I didnt need to go. I gave her my card, and offered to pay if anything came up; and I asked her to call me when she knew what would happen. We both kind of agreed the county would probably jsut have him put down...

Damn I hate the abuse of animals.

I truly love dogs; I miss owning them (my condo complex is strict about no dogs); and the thought that this dog managed to survive being hit by a car; but was probably abused and neglected (clean but matted usually means neglect or abuse; not a stray)... I can't tell you how angry that makes me.

This is the frist time I've ever actually hit an animal. I've come close a bunch of times; but actually managed to avoid it every time before.

So I go from the most incredibly good feeling to... this.

Some days; it's jsut not worth chewing through the leather straps.