Friday, April 08, 2005

Tale of the Tape - Week 2

Well my weight this morning was 364 - So far, so good.

I haven't been working out much this week, jsut the pushups and crunches. Got to get back into the gym tomorrow (I'm a bit sore today from all the reloading I've been doing, five hours of pulling the levers yesterday).

I HAVE noticed that even without the appetite suppressant portion of my supplement package, my appetite is less, and in general I'm eating less; except when I do this one little irritating thing...

See sometimes I forget to eat for a couple days at a time. You wouldn't think this could be true given my advanced state of corpulence, but it is. I get busy with things and I jsut dont think about it, until I start getting a headache, or get dizzy, and I think... "Oh yeah, I haven't eaten in two days".

Of course then I'm half starved, and I go and eat an entire triple bacon and cheese whataburger, with fries, and a side of chicken fingers, at three am.

Yes this is a specific example from a few days ago, and yes, it's a bad thing that I need to stop doing.