Monday, April 18, 2005

I think I might actually.... getting used to living in Phoenix.

It was just under 100 degrees INSIDE my condo today; and I didnt particularly mind.

My A/C has been inneffective for a few weeks. It's not completely out, but it definitely needs to be serviced. The problem is, my landlady lives in China (she's an engineer originally from China, who came here, turned christian missionary, and went back); and I have to go through this involved and irritating process where I contact her agent (who happens to be her cousin), who contacts her other cousin, who gets a message to the landlady in China, and then back again.

It's not so bad with an emergency, and I'm sure they'll get someone to me quick enough, but they are CHEAP; so I will probably get a bit of static. Nothing serious just the typical chinese grocery store type bullshit (they wouldnt be sterotypes if there wasn't some truth to them).

Now some may say "move if it's a hassle", but I like the place, I actually like my landlady and her cousin, and the rent can't be beat ($650 a month for a 1000sq ft 2 bedroom in a nice neighborhood in Scottsdale).

Anyway, the official temps around here have been in the high 80s to mid 90s for a few weeks now(96 today I think), falling back into the 60s nights; the actual temps I've observed on my I/O thermometer have been from 5-10 degrees higher (as is typical), but still not uncomfortably hot. The current bet among local weathermen is that we'll break the offical 100 mark in the last week of April; which is a little earlier than most years (1st to second week of may), but nowhere near the record (mid march).

Unfortunately anything more than the mid-70s at night, and I have an even bigger problem sleeping than I usually do. There's typically a 20-30 (and sometimes as much as 40) degree difference between highs and lows each day here; so I need to call and get it fixed soon.