Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Saw Sin City on friday BTW

Oh yeah, this movie was, indeed, kick ass.

I'ts among the most violent movies ever made, and surprisingly is still less violent than the source material.

Great gratuitous gun shots; Great old cars; Great one liners (lifted straight from Miller).

Casting was for the most part FUCKING BRILLIANT:

Marv... perfect
Hartigan... perfect
Gail... perfect
Dwight... fuckin-A too right
Nancy.. I had my doubts at first but Alba was great.

Shelly... no no no no no. Brittany murphy really just need to be sentenced to a life of sucking syphilitic cocks in a mexican prison... oh wait, she already does that for fun.

They captured the feel of the GN jsut right. The makeup, the "lighting" and the cinemetography.. just great.

More baby, I want more.