Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Broke up with the girlfriend

A couple hours ago.

This isn't exactly a major surprise, w've been on again off again for almost a year. Now we're off again.

She says I'm "snobby", but apparently has no idea what it means. Of course the fact that I insist that she is using the wrong word jsut makes her say I'm beeing snobby even more.

She seems to think snobby is just a generic term for stubborn, agressive, and slightly arrogant.

snob Audio pronunciation of "sNOBBY" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (snb)
  1. One who tends to patronize, rebuff, or ignore people regarded as social inferiors and imitate, admire, or seek association with people regarded as social superiors.
  2. One who affects an offensive air of self-satisfied superiority in matters of taste or intellect

I will fully and freely admit, I know how smart I am and I make no bones about it, but I am not a snob. I like what I like, which are GOOD things, AND THAT DOESNT MAKE ME A SNOB. I dont dislike or insult other because of their choices, but somehow because I choose good things, insist on good service, and can't stand stupid mistakes or incompetence, that makes me a bad person...

She insluts me in other ways INCORRECTLY as well, and I call her on it. SHe alwsy says "No, you're wrong", and of course I KNOW I'm right, which irritates me even more And god help me if I PROVE beyond all doubt that I am right, because that jsut proves her point.

Yeah, mkay.

Honestly, I got tired of her insulting me all the time, INCORRECTLY. I think I could have lived with it if she was using it correctly, but I'll be damned if I'm insulted for something I'm NOT. Theres plenty of TRUE things you can insult me for.

The other thing is, she absolutely cant stand argument. Any disagreement that gets the slightest bit confrontational or hostile, or argumentative, and she either tunes it out, blows it off, or snaps bout it. And dont you DARE raise your voice to her, or she'll flip out.

So finally I called her on it for the last time, and she said "I can't be with you anymore". Fine with me. The sex was great, the physical affection was nice, and we liked watching movies together. Everything else, we drove each other crazy. I tolerated it because I cared about her, and because I'ma kind guy, and a care giver, but shes really just batshit crazy.

Actually its kind of cute, but I grew up with crazy people, and have had a ton of crazy girlfriends and a REALLY crazy wife, so I have a far higher tolerance than... basically everyone.

Anyway, ladies, here I come... or not.

I'm working 70+ hour weeks, the likliehood of me having enough time and energy to find someone to date asymptotically approaches negative absolute infinity at the moment. The union set of my time and energy functions is Aleph null.

(yes I know that's bad math - for one thing asymptotes assume a 0!=0 origin, I'm jsut trying to be cute here guys. I also know that at least a few of my readers are fellow math and phsyics geks and that will be jarring to them)

Though to my readers, if you know anyone reasonably attractive, who actually understands what's written on this blog, has an entirely too high sex drive, is far to affectionate, only slightly insane, more than a bit kinky, single, female, non-smoker, and living in Arizona (libertarians are a plus, but I always seem to end up with liberals), send her my way.

Of course if you DO know someone like that, I would assume you are keeping her for yourself. After all, you are an intelligent bunch.