Thursday, July 07, 2005

Girlfriend update

She's sleeping right next to me righ now... makeup sex is great aint it.

Sometimes, I swear she starts a fight just for the makeup sex.

See here the thing. I dont cry and wail and carry on if she says "I cant be with you any more". I jsut said, "Wwell, I don think thats true, but if thats what you want, fine".

Next day rolls around "Honey, could you come pick me up? I was mad at you, but I'm not anymore"

Sure baby.

Like I said, on-again off again. Honestly, I'm okay with where we are. Shes crazy, and I dont mind. SHes not the kind of crazy that will start a bar fight to see if I'll bleed for her, or to fuck my life up or anything like that. Shes jsut the kind of crazy who will "break up" with me for a day, and then the next day its like it never happened.

I do love the girl. I know shes not the girl I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with or anything, but we have a good time when we arent pissing each other off, the sex is great, and we are comfortable together.

It may sound un-romantic, but being comfortable together is an asset you cant replace easily. Being with someone you can jsut be quiet next to for hours is a rare thing. Being with someone you can read next to in bed, and she not have to jsut say things to fill up space? Priceless guys, priceless.

So yeah, I'm okay with things the way they are. SOmehow I had a feeling this would happen. It isnt the first time, and it porbably wont be the last time. And It'll be the same each time "I hate you" "No you dont, but if that waht you want"....

I tell you this though; if I scremed my undying love and begged her to stay, do you think she'd be back in my bed right now.