Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Just got back from 560 miles of twisty mountain roads at high speed, breathtaking views, mountain thunderstorms, overpriced meals, and generally a damn good time.

I took Jim and his GF on their first visit to the canyon...

I'll tell you, you never get tired of the views, but after a dozen times, the little incidentals start to bug you. Like the japanese tourist drivers, with a rental down from vegas, doing 5mph below the speed limit and never letting anyone pass them for example.

Oh and one constant, rain or shine, no matter the time of year; Japanese and German tourists. Seriously, it could be 80 below and zero-zero; and theyd still be out there snapping away (japanese), or hiking away (germans).

Anyway, 6 hours of hiking, plus 14 hours (3 hours driving, plus 5 hours as a passenger today; and 6 hours driving yesterday) in the car on aforementioned mountain roads is tiring (but fun and well worth it). Pictures to follow, but sleep for now.