Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Some Long Overdue Blogroll Maintenance

Okay, its been.. I dunno a couple of months since I went through the old blogroll..

Additions: (Jim is a good guy, and a good writer, I've jsut been reading him off of Kims site for the last two years ... plus he lives on a boat, which is cool, if cramped) (Another one of the good guys) (I kept reading him off others blogrolls) (same) (the indepundit, same thing) (Yeah them too) (a fine ranter indeed)

Removals: (he pretty much stopped posting, which is too bad) (again, she stopped posting)
(yet another who stopped posting)
(starting to be a broken record here) (still posting, but just "I'm Alive" posts) (stopped posting anything except Aussie politics and making fun of liberal newspapers)

I know I meant to add more, because of some of the great stuff I've read the past few days, but I jsut plain forgot the rest. Time to look through logs...