Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm not an addict...

JRonus: Can anyone give any insight on .44 magnums? I want it primarily for target shooting and occasional hunting.

Toad: Well I don’t have any recent experience so I’m not going to be any help (I prefer automatics and I’m a recoil wuss). But for an adjustable sight double action pistol on the basis of purty I like the Colt Anaconda. Here is a used one from GusAmerica. I’m kind of curious now myself about what the revolver fans like?

I tried out the Anaconda, and honestly I didnt care for it. It never seemed to me to be up to the (admintedly very high) standard of the python, and it jsut didnt feel as god as a Model 29.

If I could afford one, I’d have a Dan Wesson, AND a model 29 sitting in my range bag. Unfortunately I can’t; for one thing, neither of the originals are made anymore, and the owners dont really like to sell them for less than a small fortune.

For me, the 629 just doesnt feel the same… and really it isnt, because they are made very differently; from different steel.. but maybe it’s close enough. Dan Wesson may be making the .44’s again (I heard maybe yes, maybe no. now with the CZ thing, who knows), but not to anywhere near the same standard they had in the 70s…

See heres the thing, I want DA revolvers in .357, .44, and .45lc ... plus .454 casull… and maybe one of the little tiny titanium/scandium .357 for pants pocket stuff (almsot as small as a KelTec, a little thicker, and 4 times the power… yeah I’ll take that).

So the .44 is way down the list, which is too bad.

Oh and I need to buy a replacement SIG and Glock first (I sold mine to Dustin), then maybe add a P220 (you can never have too many .45s...) hell, a model 10 or a model 25 wouldnt be out of the question either (again, you can never have too many .45s), one of those mech-tech carbine conversions… and maybe a S&W-1911sc (commander length, scandium frame, 28oz, external extractor, perfect trigger… yeah, I need one of those)....

Oh and a heavy barrel 24" upper for my AR... and... and...

Yeah, I’m not an addict; addicts go to meetings.