Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I actually got a 1540...

But the next year they published the scalar adjustments, and it is a 1600 on the scale they are using today. Also it was before they allowed calculators.

Your SAT Score of 1600 Means:

You Scored Higher Than Howard Stern

You Scored Higher Than George W. Bush

You Scored Higher Than Al Gore

You Scored Higher Than David Duchovny

You Scored Higher Than Natalie Portman

You Scored Higher Than Bill Gates

Your IQ is most likely in the 150+ area

Equivalent ACT score: 36

Schools that Fit Your SAT Score:

California Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Princeton University

Yale University

Harvard University

UPDATE: Late in 2005 they changed the scale again, from a 2x 200-800 point scale, to a 3x 200-800 scale. That means that a perfect score is now a 2400.

However, I also took the SAT-II writing exam (which used to be called the Writing Achievement test), and I got a 740; which would have been adjusted to a 1780 when they changed the scoring scale.

That means my score today would be 2280.

Oh, and I got a 35 on my ACT.