Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Israelis have guts

Apparently pig guts...

Laughing my ass off over here.

Swine: Secret Weapon Against Islamic Terror?
01:00 Feb 13, '04 / 21 Shevat 5764
A suggestion that has been made repeatedly since the start of the Oslo War is about to be adopted by Israel’s police force. According to a report by Maariv, the plan calls for the insertion of bags of pig fat in public buses and other central locations in the hope that it will deter Islamic terrorist suicide bombers aiming for martyrdom from detonating themselves there.

The suggestion is based on the fact that Islam regards the pig as an unclean animal and Muslim law bars any Moslem who touches a pig before dying access to heaven. One of the basic motives for Islamic suicide terrorists is the assurance that as a ‘shahid’ or martyr, their place in paradise is guaranteed as they die in ‘holy martyrdom’ for the sake of Islam.


Abdel Malek Dahamshe said, "The ethical inferiority and lowliness that the settlers have reached is intolerable. This is an act of first-degree desecration of God's name." MK Tzvi Hendel responded, "If these primitive murderers stuff their brains with nonsense about Paradise and who-knows-how-many virgins waiting only for them, then they certainly believe in the other nonsense that being buried with pigskin blocks their way to Paradise."
To all those who deride me for my pig fat statement, apparently the Israelis are taking it seriously.

Now I'm not a big fan of Israel politically, because Israel is a poor ally and a poorer friend (they actively run intelligence and paramilitary operations against the US, and have been doing so since 1949). Israelis on the other hand... I love them. They live under CONSTANT THREAT OF ANNIHILATION, and they respond with nothing but balls.

You should visit Haifa, or Tel Aviv some day, and see just how alive those cities are.

Any other place in the world under such threat, the people keep their heads down, and they move quickly from building to building, they cringe at loud noises... I've seen it, and it's ... the word tragic is so overused, and so cheapened by such that I hesitate to use it, but it is appropriate here.

Israel is a different kind of place entirely. People party, and have fun, and enjoy life; while almost every day they read of, and often see horrific violence. They live their lives, not as if there were no threat, because everyone in Israel is VERY alert, but as if that threat didn't matter. They don't let the terrorists stop them from living their lives.

Every day you see beautiful girls in street clothes, some dressed up to go to the clubs; carrying M16 variants and SMGs (it's still mostly UZIs, or at least it was 4 years ago the last time I visited). Some may find that jarring, but to me it's reassuring; it says something about the human spirit.

If you ever have any doubt as to Isreali resolve, I have one word for you: Masada

These people will not be defeated. They may in the end be destroyed, but they will never be defeated.

H/T: Aarons rantblog